Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daily Random Game: Adventure Ho!

Hello, this is Juice, and I'm reviewing the new Kongregate game, Adventure Ho!

Gameplay- 3/5

A traditional click adventure game, there's nothing that really stands out. Features include 11 different areas to battle through, a shop, 4 animal characters, and a princess to save! Like I said, traditional. (Yes, even the "animal character" thing is getting a little old.) Also, it lost some points for being pretty luck-based.

Graphics- 4/5

I give the graphics a 4 because they're very nicely detailed, one might say the main characters are "Kongai worthy". In my opinion, anyway. The enemies are slightly less detailed, and there isn't much of a scenery.

Replay Value- 3.5/5

A 3 1/2 because there are 4 different characters, but really, the game gets old after the second time.

Music- 4/5

The music is catchy and original. The in-battle sound effects are quite bland though, but what can you expect, they're game noises.

Kong Rating- 3.5/5

My Rating- 3.5/5

Once again, we are in agreement, Kong.

This has been Juice.

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zakia said...

Nice job ^_^, I think you should do Amorphous+ next, it's pretty good.