Friday, August 1, 2008

Daily Random Badge: Bloons Tower Defense 2

Hello, I'm Juice, and this is my Daily Random Badge review/walkthrough. Today's game - Bloons Tower Defense 2.

Bloon Popper Badge
(easy - 5 points)
Complete level 20 on "easy" in Bloons Tower Defense 2

Even though this badge is easy, I am completely in love with this game. Great gameplay, fun little tips at the bottom after every level, "THERE ARE NO LEFT-HANDED MONKEYS. SORRY, LIVE WITH IT." Great fun. Back on topic though, this badge is quite easy to obtain. I'll be posting a walkthrough for this and the others at the end of this review.

Bloon Destroyer Badge
(medium - 15 points)
Complete level 35 on "medium" in Bloons Tower Defense 2

Quite obviously, this badge is harder than the badge above. Still, not too much of a problem. The only annoyance are the dreaded lead balloons. For me anyway. Like I said, walkthroughs shall be posted!

Bloon Slaughterer Badge
(hard - 30 points)
Complete level 50 with at least 40 lives remaining in "hard" mode in Bloons Tower Defense 2

This one is difficult. Building a monkey-defense with minimum leakage through 50 tough levels makes for some frustrating times. But, the happy atmosphere of BTD2 never fails to keep you smiling, even when the evil balloons start flooding en masse. Now then, walkthroughs galore. Since I don't want to make a whole-page review, I'll just post a couple links.

Easy badge:
Part 1-
Part 2-

Medium badge:
Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-

Hard badge:

Gameplay- 3.5/5
While BTD2 keeps your attention throughout the entirety of the game, once you find the perfect build, there is a lot of down time where you aren't doing much.

Graphics- 3.5/5
The graphics are cute, but not very detailed. This follows the traditional Bloons graphics, so I give it points for sticking to it's guns. There's no real problems with them, though.

Replay Value- 5/5
You can play this game over and over and over, it never gets old.

Kong Rating- 4/5

My Rating- 4/5
I agree with you Kong, nicely done.

This has been Juice!

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