Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pandemic 2 Review

Godsend here. I’m giving my FIRST review today for this site! I invite everyone to give me feedback on this review and suggestions for other games to review on my profile page.

Pandemic 2 is quickly becoming one of the biggest games on Kongregate. It is only a matter of time before it reaches the top of the Strategy & Defense List. Pandemic 2’s popularity was increased even more when it was recently involved in one of the weekly challenges. Along with over 100 points you can win for your profile this game is a must for any online gamer.

You control a disease that randomly infects a country. Using Evolution Points you nurture and grow you disease into a deadly infection that can kill every human on Earth. There are two Play Modes. Relaxed, this is a quicker condensed version of the full game. Then there is Realistic, which is the full game with all the traits available. After you choose which mode to play you pick you Disease Class. Virus, Bacteria, or Parasite, each with their own traits and abilities. You go to select your disease’s Symptoms, Resistances, and methods of Transmissions. Just be careful not to be detected or countries will begin to close their borders and even worse a vaccine will be created.

Now for the badges:

Darwin Award Badge (EASY-5 points): Earn 50 Evolution Points in Realistic Mode.
Pretty much no difficulty here. With a virus you’ll get this badge in less than 5 minutes.

Apocalyptic Optimist Badge (MEDIUM-15 points): Infect 2/3 of the world’s population in Realistic Mode.
The key word is infect. You don’t even need to kill anyone. SO just keep you disease on the DL and you’ll get it first try.

Ultimate Relaxation Badge (HARD- 30 points): Kill off the entire human population in Relaxed mode.
This separates the boys from the men. SO many times you will come so close to infecting every country and just missing one country usually an island. You will quickly find out why everyone on Kongregate hates Madagascar.

President Madagascar Assassin Badge (IMPOSSIBLE-60 points): Obliterate the entire human race in fewer than 100 days in realistic mode.
Redefines Impossible. Killing of everyone is one of the hardest things to do on Kongregate. Throw in doing it in 100 days, you’ll be pulling your hair out. Good luck with this one.

So ends my first review. I hope it proves helpful and I look forward to feedback. I wish you well in killing every last human being on the planet. ~GODSEND

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zakia said...

I like the idea of a score in %. Very nice!