Thursday, May 14, 2009

From the Ninja's Cave: Turnz

"Turn left!- No, turn right! No- JUST TURN!" In Turnz, you'll be left wondering which way to turn in order to guide these little alien blocks to safety. It's not as simple as rotating the screen, might I add. You'll eventually approach obstacles such as rocks, death blocks, and more. Can you make it past each level in this teeth grinding puzzle game? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

When you first
begin to venture into this game, you'll be provided with a tutorial and a nice storyline along with it. After learning the basics, you'll also notice that this game's style is much similar to other puzzle games, but with the finishing touches of flash game graphics and controls. Enough of the jibber-jabber, time for the review!

Gameplay: 4/5 This game offers some pretty entertaining and difficult levels, which makes it a hell lot of fun. (Yes, I said "hell lot of") There's 43 unique levels in this game, all of which are confusing in their own devious way. But, just like many other puzzle games, they can be easily solved with reason and thought.

Visual: 3.0/5
The artwork in this game reminds of of the graphics in Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense. The color scheme and design style just seem very alike. Nevertheless, they're still a nice sight and aren't too bad. A little more work could have been done on them, but they're still great.

Audio: 3.0/5 I actually like the music in this game more than I usually do, which is why it got this rating. Although it gets repetitive after a while, it's nice to listen to as you're trying to complete the tedious levels of this game.

Difficulty 4/5 Without a doubt, this game is difficult. All of the levels can be beaten with reason, but the overall concept and level design is quite complex. This game had me playing for a while before I finally beat it, and I'm sure it'll also have you doing the same.

Overall: 3.5/5 While I'm usually against puzzle games such as this one, I thought Turnz added a nice touch to a classic game which made me rate it as highly as I did. The gamplay is great, as well as the difficulty, and everything else is above average. There's always a great game or two that goes unnoticed, so lets not let Turnz be one of them.

Levels 1-15
Levels 16-30
Levels 31-43

Walkthrough Videos by quake.


hokage4354 said...

I'm sorry, Quake, but I decided to leave mine up. It has a higher quality review, and that was the only major difference between them. I saved yours as a draft though, Incase I decide to add somethings you said to this. (Giving credit to you)

Once again, I apologize for this. I was unaware of you writing about this game as I was. I guess communication helps. x.x

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, thanks for do the review!