Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Interview With Laxaria

Okay children, settle down. It is time for another in-depth interview from "Straight from the Shoe's Mouth". I'd just like to let you know, that this interview wasn't done by me, but my co-writer from my old Kongregate interview thread [which you can check out here]: JudeMaverick himself. Without further ado, I present you with an interview about our very own Laxaria.

Interview: Laxaria

What is the meaning of your name?
I kinda came up with it after thinking of a name for a friend. Can’t really recall how though anymore. =/

What’s your favorite Kongregate game?
Hmm, hard choice. There are so many good games. I think I like The Space Game, DTD, Minions, and Nabb’s Idle 2. Good job Nabb _

Which band is better: rubber band or elastic band?
Rubber, because rubber is elastic, but elastic is not rubber (o.O)

If I offered you a million US dollars but you need to join the Jonas Brothers as lead singer, would you accept it and why?
No, because what would I do with a million dollars that wasn’t earned through my own hands? I can’t sing anyways.

What would you do if you star an episode in Desperate Housewives?


If Jim Greer turned out to be Professor Dumbledore, what would you do?
Kill him.

Which option is better: writing Twilight or writing New Moon?
._. Umm, writing Twilight, because Twilight has a catchier title. Of course, that means writing a new book that does not involve vampires, girls and horribly cliched romance. If I had to rewrite the twilight by stephanie meyer… ugh…

When you write manuscripts, what kind of “help” do you use?
A dictionary and my head? I suppose. Writing is about penning down what you experience, for the most part, and not creating fantasy worlds out of nowhere. If you explore carefully, many novels share resemblence to real world places, like Eragon, for example. Some of Eragon’s landmarks are inspired by real life landmarks.

If Roald Dahl appeared in a sex tape with Eoin Colfer, would you buy it and why?
Roald Dahl’s a she? :o

If Professor Dumbledore created Edward Cullen, what would you do?
Get a wooden stake and pierce Cullen’s heart? Or garlic. Or something. Or maybe use avada kedavra or something. Or knives. And stabbings. Lots and lots of stabbings. evil grin

Complete the sentence: if fantasy is to sci-fi, then erotica is to ____.
Lax: o.O
Lax: weird much?
Jude: dats ur answer?
Lax: no im thinking
Lax: Like seriously, WHAT TYPE OF QUESTION IS THAT….?
Jude: It is a perfectly legit question
Lax: o.O
Lax: Next?
Jude: Fantasy is similar to sci-fi so what is erotica similar to?
Lax: sex? o.O

If I wrote a book, will you buy it?
Because you’re my friend. Reading it is a different matter.

One last question: what is the meaning of books?
What is not the meaning of books? Remove all meanings that is not the meaning of books and you find the meaning of books. :) PS: I am not responsible if you get a headache.

And thus ends another chapter of "Straight from the Shoe's Mouth". Thanks Laxaria and Jude.

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