Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pirate Defense

HeroInteractive brings us a new game. They bring us a strategy-defense game with some tweaks, there are loads of traps, there are pirates and there's a song when you finish the game, I'm talking about Pirate Defense!

This game's about pirates. Pirates and tower defense games. It's a nice mix, I like it a lot. You can build traps, towers and block paths for the evil pirates to die upon you.

Well done, Tasselfoot, once again you provide the video to this guide.
The 101

Hard mode

The sound. Personally, I didn't like it. The ending song was a bit bad. It's lyrics are good, but I don't like pirates' voice. Anyway, the rest of the sound is good, the traps sound, the arrow shooting sound, etc., I liked those, 0.7.
Its difficulty wasn't hard. The medium badge, the easy badge and the card were easy to achieve, and both hard badges can be done with walkthroughs like the above, 0.9.
I loved the graphics. Cartoony graphics are my favourite. Also, the pirates, the traps, the towers, the main menu are very well elaborated, 1.
"Awesome" or "Great" would be how I'd classify this game's gameplay. It gets harder, but it's very nice while you play it and everything goes how you've expected. It's also quite easy to understand, 1.
The controls weren't the best. On the good side, I like them because they are simple. But on the bad side, I don't like how you have to make triggers or lures to atrap the pirates, though that might be more on a different side that isn't controls. It's just clicking, whic is great, 0.8.
The total of this game's rating total, in my opinion, is 4.4 / 5. It's a very good game. I sincerely loved the mix between tower defense and pirates and traps and everything else.

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