Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Little Knight That Definitely Could [Loot Hero Review]

          Hear ye, hear ye, ole' Kongregate has bestowed upon us yet another epic journey to embark on. Loot Hero by VaragtP will take you through different regions (and the bodies of your enemies) as you continue to upgrade in this mouse-only pixel RPG. Similar to an Idle game, Loot Hero requires close to no effort to play and although it has some grinding aspects, I promise you that you won't have to spend several hours on this to complete your conquest. You play as a brave little knight who wants nothing more to bump into everyone in his path. Upgrade your hero at shops to progress further into the game and defeat bosses to unlock new regions. Suit up well, because Loot Hero is going to take you for a bumpy ride!

          This rad game's game-play is a bit unique to me in a sense, but at the same time there isn't a whole lot to it. You use your mouse to either travel to the left or right (The left is for grinding on weaker foes while the right is to advance further ahead), kill opponents by bumping into them, and spend the silver your collect as necessary to upgrade your little knight. I would say that absolutely anybody could pick up this game, play it, and beat it without any additional help needed. Although, beating the game is just half the adventure as the game features 20 in-game achievements, several of them taking quite a bit of time to achieve.
          What really caught my eye is just how smooth and well-polished this game is. The artwork really blew my mind, and smoothness of animations is just breathtaking. The fluid-ness of game-play and game-progression is also something that made me really enjoy this game, despite it's relatively simple mechanics. I also really loved the adventurous little tune that plays in the background for this game, I thought it really suited it well.
          When the armor comes off at the end of the day I think this sweet little adventure deserves a 4/5. It's simple, easy for anyone to pick up, can be beat fairly quickly, and is incredibly well-polished. The games that have really advanced mechanics will always impress me, but sometimes games like this that are able to do so much with so little can impress me even more. I would definitely recommend this game to my friends and might even play it again.

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