Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Friday!

           That's right folks it's everyone's favorite day of the week and I'm sure you're all looking for some badges to add to your weekend gaming regiment. Well look no further because a batch of new badges were just released today totaling 50 points for you to pick up. The badges include a fairly easy to achieve mix of easy and medium badges- I'm sure you could pick up all of these badges tonight if you went on a gaming spree.
Zombies All Up in My Grill Badge (Medium - 15 pts)
Game completed – This can be done in any number of days. Note that you do not keep your money from a day if you restart it.

Band of Heroes Badge ( Easy - 5 pts )
10 hero cards
Service to the Realm Badge ( Medium - 15 points )
100 quests completed

"Baby, You've Got a Stew Going" Badge ( Medium - 15 points )
All flying vehicles destroyed – Must be during a single run! Only flying vehicles (ducks excluded) count. Don't worry about gliders.

  • ( medium - 15 points )100 quests completed
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