Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cherish It [L.I.F.E Review + Guide]

          It's not every day a flash game manages to give me feels like this one did. L.I.F.E. by rustyFruit will give you a whole new perspective on your life as you fall from the sky in this original flash game. The game is an extremely simplified model of the regular course of life. There's five chapters from childhood to old age, each with five different mechanics. The decisions you make in this game ultimately affect how your game ends. You can discover all sorts of endings by replaying this game over again and pick up 24 in-game achievements along the way.
          The amount of thought, design, philosophy, and symbolism in this game is truly mind blowing. Each and every decision you make while playing this game will ultimately affect your final end result. Each play through to the game only takes about 5 minutes, but in those 5 minutes you manage to go through all of the stages of life. Once you're done dodging all sorts of things and falling you will be shown an animation of what you accomplished at the various stages of life as tear-inducing music plays. You'll find that on your first few reps through this game that you'll ultimately become attached to your character and be quite saddened to see him go.

          In terms of game-play and the mechanics of the gameplay, it's not necessarily all something new. You'll discover that several stages of life are very similar game-play wise to other games out there. In terms of the concept as a whole and the way the game was executed, I would certainly call this game unique and an original.
          Aside from the heart-warming story-like sequence to the game, the pixel-art in this game is incredibly well done and suite it well. The animations are smooth, fluent, and follow the story really well. The music was alright to me- it didn't particularly stand out but it doesn't necessarily bother me either. The game also provides a nice sense of accomplishment by providing achievements for completing various feats throughout the game.
          Although you'll want to grab a tissue-box for watching the animation at the end of each game, you'll be happy to know that this game definitely deserves a 4/5 rating. Through a brilliant story line combined with beautiful pixel-art graphics, L.I.F.E will provide you with a gaming experience unlike any other.

  1. Get reborned
  2. Fall down before "everyday work" chapter
  3. Lose the girl
  4. Protect the girl
  5. Get $100,000
  6. Don't shoot for 30 seconds at "education time" chapter
  7. Fall down at "getting aged" chapter
  8. Get all other achievements
  9. Survive in "being a baby" chapter
  10. Survive in "socialize" chapter
  11. Survive in "education time" chapter
  12. Survive in "everyday work" chapter
  13. Survive in "getting aged" chapter
  14. Be flawless in "being a baby" chapter
  15. Be flawless in "socialize" chapter
  16. Be flawless in "education time" chapter
  17. Be flawless in "everyday work" chapter
  18. Be flawless in "getting aged" chapter
  19. Get no education
  20. Get medical education
  21. Get art education
  22. Get electrotechnical education
  23. Get IT education
  24. Get chemical education
          Most of these are extremely obvious on how to get them as per the fact that the game basically tells you what you have to do. For the various types of education make sure you're concious of what you're collecting at the "education time" chapter. The rest of these are self-explained.

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