Sunday, December 8, 2013

And bring the wine! [Don't be Late Review]

          You ever just meet the most perfect, beautiful girl and then do crazy things just to keep her happy? Well Don't be Late by OnlineZGames takes that to the next level. Rush through each level on a timer in this puzzle game as you collect and dodge various things along the way. You'll be running all over the place for this girl-- but be careful. If you 'happen' to bump into another girl "after work" your girlfriend will dump you for sure! Oh, and try not to show up to her house too wasted. She'll still accept you but we all know she secretly hates you for it but won't say anything.

          It seems like every game I decide to review lately has been a puzzle game, huh? I honestly don't mean to do it intentionally. Hey, wait, why are you busy talking to me- don't you have that date with that pink-haired girl in 30 seconds? Your puzzle solving and reaction speed will be put to the test since each level has a short time limit. After all the booze you drink along the way I don't blame this game for wanting to test your reaction speed, you damn alcoholic.

          Your girlfriend isn't the only thing that's cute in this game. Wait, I didn't mean it that way, I swear man- We've been friends since first grade. With it's adorable artwork this game will surely prove to be worthy for all of you art critics. The tune that's playing in the background does get pretty annoying after time so you might want to mute it, which, thank god this game has a mute button (Now only if MY girlfriend had a mute button, am I right fellas?). Unfortunately, there is no way of pausing this game, which I found out the hard way.
          The actual game-play isn't really that original to be honest with you. No- I don't want to breakup, I'm just being honest, I swear! The game also features 24 levels in which most of them can be solved in less than 30 seconds. Only the last few levels in this game really require any super-precise timing, otherwise, it's a fairly easy casual game overall.
          I would put this little rush into marriage at a low 3/5. The actual mechanics of the game aren't necessarily original and I'd be surprised if you spent more than 15 minutes beating the game. I also felt that there is a lack of real reward to this game, in addition to the lack of a pause button which kind of bothered me. I'm not gunna lie though- this is a fun little game that did have cute graphics. I checked out the actual developer's website and all of his games are of this art-style. I don't think I would ever open this game again to play it myself, but I wouldn't mind recommending this to a friend if he was looking for a quick game to play.

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