Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Daily Dose of 8-bit Music

        You don't have to be a virtuoso to be able to appreciate music. In fact, as a gamer, I find that I can appreciate a good ole' 8-bit tune more than most today's music. Kongregate user uzzbuzz, a well know member of the 'Arts' forum section, has been creating 8-bit for over two years now. The impressive thing about his channel is that he comes out with a new remix every single day and has maintained that for most of his channel's existence. Uzzbuzz's Youtube channel has nearly 2,000 subscribers now with most of his videos having several thousand views each. His most popular remix, "Move Your Feet - Junior Senior - 8bit" has 82,000 views to date. I managed to get in contact with uzzbuzz and get his input on the success his remix YouTube channel has brought him.

          Hokage4354: Tell me a little bit about yourself, how you got the idea for the 8-bit song per day, and if you thought the channel was going to grow as much as it has?

          uzzbuzz: So it started a few years ago, I don’t think I ever had heard of remixing songs to become 8bit before that, but I always loved the classic sounds of the retro library. I remember some of the first songs I did were Crazy Train by Ozzy, and Snow by RHCP. These were put on the kong collabs and got fairly mixed responses. I believe it
was June of 2011 (have to look that up) when I started uploading to youtube, and I did the Pokemon theme. Every now and then I’d post a song that I remixed, even though I hardly had 5 subscribers, and a few of those were friends. 
          Fame was not really a conscious goal for me, and one I wouldn't say I have reached yet, but it’s become a goal now. I shared the channel with my kongregate friends and a few of them listened. There was one week during this time where I posted one song a day, I think it was the 5 year anniversary of Kongregate that week. About half a year later I revisited that idea because I realized that in order to get a decent following, it’s best to have a somewhat consistent upload schedule. I actually started my 8bit topic before this, but without the daily postings. 
          After that I started posting a daily 8bit when I could, some days I’d post two, but nowadays I only post two if I’m too busy the day before. The topic kind of got trolled a bit at first but I think it’s become well noticed it OT now, as it pops up randomly every day. I now know of lots of people that don’t post, but they still view the topic, and it is in fact one of the top viewed topics on OT and even Kong.
          As for if I thought it was going to grow, I had hoped it would grow but I wasn't really sure to be honest, you can never really tell, just work at what you like to do. I’m really excited that it’s grow considerably (1910 subscribers at this time) and I hope it’ll continue to grow, maybe even more exponentially someday. There’s about 2 people I know who do a similar thing to me with more subscribers, and I listen to them and one is a music professional so that’s always intimidating and makes me unsure of myself, but I always manage to regain hope that I’ll one day be even better and the comments I get often make my day :D

          Hope you enjoyed learning about the 8-bit remixer uzzbuzz-- be sure to check out his YouTube channel and let him know if you like his work. If you enjoyed this post be sure to leave a comment on this article!

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