Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Delicious Treat [Find the Candy Review]

        If you're looking for a sweet little game to add to your after-work gaming list, then look no further. Find the Candy by Soulghai combines a hidden object game with a christmas-y design to bring you a delicious little puzzle game just in time for the holiday season. You must interact with various objects in the room in order to find the candy in each level This fairly easy game features 20 levels to consume, each with it's own little candy to gobble up. But let it be known that you must first find the 3 stars on each level before you can go to the next.
          The game itself is fairly easy in comparison to other puzzle games. It's perfect for casual gamers since you can easily complete the game in one sitting, but I think even flash game enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the overall smoothness of design and game-play presented in Find the Candy. Between the artwork and the music you can just smell the cookies baking in the oven.

          Some concerns others have brought up are how short the game is overall (Only 20 levels, each taking no more than a minute to complete), how annoying a few of the in-game physics can be, and the lack of reward for completing all 20 levels of the game. While I can understand these points I think the developer did an excellent job of creating a short, sweet treat for all flash gamers to enjoy.

          At the end of the day while I'm drinking eggnog around the fireplace I would give this game a slightly generous 4/5. This game creates an enjoyable atmosphere between it's graphics and music for a pleasant one-sitting game. I would personally love to see a sequel to this, possibly with many more levels and new challenges for us.

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