Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Splat! [Action Dimension Review]

           Just when I was beginning to get sick of all of the "pay for more energy" and CCG multiplayer games, this game comes along to show me that not all multiplayer games reek of "get rich quick". Action Dimension by Odcaf brings fabreeze to the pungent smell left by the current multiplayer games on Kongregate. Create a character and roam around the world in this massive multiplayer action game. With paintball being the center focus of this game, you can also play soccer as well as hit the courts for some tennis! When you go to hang up your suit at the end of the day you can go on a shopping spree for your character, or just buy furniture for your fresh pad. Be prepared to get a few bruises in this sweet new multiplayer game, because the competition is fierce!
          This game is just darn fun, putting it plain and simple. It's a bit challenging playing paintball when you're first starting off, but running around and just shooting your opponents away is a blast! You can dodge between furniture and hunt down your foes in the most rewarding way possible. I guarantee you you'll have a blast-- you're able to switch between different weapons and even throw paintball grenades! As expected with any multiplayer game such as this, there can be lag from time to time. I found that the lag was actually the worst in Tennis mode and when you're just roaming around the shopping centers, though.
          Shopping and upgrading clothing and all of the jumbo didn't really interest me as much as the general gameplay, but I find it neat. This game is still brand spankin' new on Kongregate so it hasn't picked up yet, but it'll be awesome seeing popular Kongregate users having "bachelor pad" parties in the weeks to come. It'll also be interesting to see if any teams form for this game, as I also see that as a possibility. To be honest it's too early to judge what's going to become of this game in the future.
          I thought that the music was funky and the artwork was smooth, so there's no real complaints there. As mentioned I think my biggest beef with this game is the lag you can sometimes experience, which, of course, can happen in any multiplayer game. I've still barely scratched the surface of this game but I feel like this gaming experience should get a 4/5. It's funky, it's fresh, it's different, and it's enjoyable above all else. What more could I ask for? I'm probably going to try to get some of my friends to play this within the next few days.

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