Thursday, December 5, 2013

Learning to co-exist [Together Review]

          In this unique little puzzle-platformer game you'll need to set aside your differences and work together in order to beat the levels this game's packin'. Together by DiscoFishGame takes you into deep space where you play as seemingly adorable blue and pink cubes. You control the cubes with WASD and the arrow keys, respectively, and you must utilize both of them in order to overcome the obstacles each level presents. Presented with intergalactic music and funky futuristic visuals, Together will take you and your 'other half' on a journey you won't forget.

          So much is done with so little in this minimalist game that it's pretty impressive. The controls are rather simple to grasp the hang of but I guarantee you you'll always have one of those moments where your brain kind of bugs out as you try to control both cubes at once. The game progressively gets more and more challenging until eventually you'll find yourself rushing to beat each level due to rising lava levels from the bottom of the stage. The learning curve is fairly even but I found that the lava speed, at least initially, could have been lowered a bit so allow for players to figure out what's going on.

          Although the game is intentionally simplistic I feel like more could have been done with it in terms of the menu(s). There isn't any sort of level selection screen or indication of your progress thus far in the game. There's only a play button (Select either new game or continue), a credits button, and a link to the sponsor's website.

          In terms of gameplay, design, and atmosphere- I'm loving it. You can view the game very literally and take it for what it is, or see it for the symbolism presented in each level and the game as a whole. The game itself is very relaxing to play as the music is very 'chill' and the graphics complement that. You'll find yourself zoned our after just a few levels of playing this neat game.

          A 3.5 is a fair rating to give this game when all is said and done. It didn't blow my mind but the things that were presented in this game were certainly above average. I feel like the developer could have done a bit more with the game but that's just personal preference. If you're a fan of the puzzle-platformer genre then you'll certainly enjoy the challenge Together presents

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