Sunday, December 29, 2013

No Shaving Cream Necessary [Hairless Adventure Review]

          We all have that secret desire to go on an adventure as a Vin Diesel-like bald guy- Well, don't we? In Hairless Adventure by RoshonFegan you get to move around tiles on the map in order to collect the stars found around each level. This game features ten challenging levels in which, as mentioned, you need to remove tiles from the map itself in order to solve each level. Fitting into the puzzle platformer genre made in Stencyl, Hairless Adventure is a bit above average from your average Stencyl-made game. Put that shampoo bottle away because you won't need it for the journey this game takes you on
          My first impressions of this game were relatively good- It's a simply made game that has a very direct focus (It isn't fluffed up with achievements or other game modes and what-not), and it's very easy to pick up and play. Even though this game only features ten levels the learning curve is actually quite good all things considered. By the time you come around to levels 5-6 you'll have a mild challenge and anything after that is quite difficult. A personal problem I had though is that I found the game became a bit stale after a while, considering new game-play elements are never added at any point.

          The funky music and cute artwork really made this a decent gaming experience though, despite any problems I had with the game-play. I enjoyed the tune playing in the background quite a bit but I still kind of wish there was a mute button for this game. By the time I reached the end of the game it had started to become a tad annoying. I also felt like this game could have definitely used some sound effects, which it was lacking entirely.
           I'm putting the conditioner away for this one because I don't feel like this game deserves more than a 2.5/5. What can I say-- the game-play is mildly enjoyable but it becomes stale after a while. The developer did a good job with the ten levels that are in the game but he definitely could have done a bit more. Even though this is an above-average Stencyl game, Stencyl games are pretty below flash game standards as a whole to begin with. To me, this game is just a few hairs short of being an average flash gaming experience. I'm not really sure if I would recommend this to someone, and I probably won't be playing it again.

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