Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Most Views in a Month" New Record!

          Kongregate Collective Guides had been steadily declining in views ever since the blog launched in 2007. It seemed like it would be impossible to surpass the 12,641 views record that was set in July of 2007 but the relaunch has not only restored KCG to it's former glory- it's made it even greater than it has ever been. With 4 days left in December the blog has already gotten 12,832 views and is consistently getting about between 500-600 per day. At this rate KCG may end up receiving over 15,000 views this month if the daily activity remains the same. This is quite the feat for a fan blog!
          The largest contributor to this massive view count is the link to a guide in my recent project, Survival Idle, which has brought over 3,000 people to the blog alone. Another spike in view count can be expected next month when I relaunch the game with a total redesign along with new game mods. Other contributors to the blog's massive view count this month include the Light Bot Walkthrough, the Guide for Strand, the review for Crunchball 3000, and the informative Kred Price Chart post.

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