Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chew on this! [Miami Shark Review + Guide]

         Nothing gets much more epic than sharks as proven by the Discovery channel's "Shark Week", and the infamous Sharknado. Miami Shark by wiesi brings the heat in this epic journey that takes you straight down the Florida shoreline. Soar through the skies as a total badass shark while bringing down even the biggest aircrafts and racking up tons of points. If you're looking for a funny super action-packed 5 minutes of fun that doesn't involve your significant other, then Miami Shark is the game for you!
          This game went far above any expectations I had for it, that's for sure. All what I wanted was to chill by the 3-ft kiddie pool section but this game dragged me out into the deep end, filled with explosions and destruction-causing sharks. I've actually played this game before, probably around the time when it came out, but I'm happy to see it finally has badges. It's by definitely one of the most epic games on Kongregate and it's totally fun. I found myself replaying it several times just trying to beat the high-score I previously set.
          The animations and artwork for Miami shark are just as polished as the gameplay is. The artwork used for this game was clearly made by somebody fathered by Zeus himself. Everything in this game just feels incredibly fluent and easy to play. I had a little trouble with getting used to doing the "Superjump" consistently, but once I got the hang of it there was nothin' to it.
          So, what now? I say this game deserves a beautiful 4/5 rating. What can I really say- it's an action-packed game with a villainous shark. Gameplay is loads of fun, graphics and animations are well polished, and the music is just as epic. I would definitely recommend this game to another friend looking for a quick little ball of epicness. 

          There really isn't much to this guide. There's currently a challenge for getting 1,500,000 points in addition to the medium badge for knocking down all of the aircrafts in a single run. You can really get both of these badges in one run- How? I have a few tips for you that will guarantee you get these easy points.
  1. Make sure you get the hang of the "Super jump". Play the game once purely to get used to exactly how deep you need to dive to Super jump.
  2. Grab aircrafts as soon as you're able to. The sooner you grab the aircrafts the better chance you have of getting to them all.
  3. Work on your button-mashing. This alone will increase your speed in bringing down aircrafts and bring you a step closer to getting the badge
  4. Make sure you bring down each aircraft in less than 6.5 seconds or so. I kept most of my times around 6.0-6.5 and ended up with 2 miles to spare.
          That's really all there is to it! Enjoy your new badge and 15 points.

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