Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Buckle-up [Deadly Road Trip Review]

          So you wanna get into the Salty Spitoon huh- Well how tough are ya'? Are you tough enough to beat Deadly Road Trip by nonamelab, without any milk? In this side-scrolling upgrade shooter game you play as a badass biker looking to claim a large bounty, but you must fight your way through hoards of enemies and travel quite the distance. There's also a truck-load of different upgrades you can invest in with the coins you collect to help you in your journey. Put your helmet on and saddle up, because Deadly Road Trip is gunna' take you on a rough ride you won't be forgetting.
          Driving, upgrades, killing everyone in your path- that's pretty much perfect in itself (Free therapy!). In this bullet-hell shooter you'll find that throughout the game you'll need to focus on using equipment that suits your needs. A bit clumsy and hitting too many mines? Get the mine neutralizer. Finding that it's taking too long to get through each level? Pick up the engine upgrade, or the nitro boost upgrade. Of course, you'll also need to be skilled in dodging anything the enemies try to hit you with.
          This game really brings me back to the time when upgrade games such a Learn to Fly were super popular, yet it still has it's own originality and creativity that it brings to the genre. The artwork is nothing short of awesome and well-done as a whole. I thought he chose a nice color scheme to go with as a whole and thought it was pretty cool that each tunnel you pass brings a new level with it's own vibe to it. I also found that while playing this game, despite a lot going on in some levels, I had a virtually lag free playing experience.
           You know, I didn't really have to check if the game had a mute button until now because I never felt the need to mute anything. The music is pretty rad and has good quality to it, same with all of the sound effects. But in case you're not a fan of it the game does in fact have a mute button for the music and another for the sound effects. To be honest the only thing I might have muted was the sound effects since things can get a bit crazy in the later levels.
          It's not too often I say this, but I felt like this was a near-perfect flash gaming experience that deserves a 4.5/5. There's some grinding that comes with this game as there is with all upgrade games, but I really liked how the gaming experience changed as you managed to get farther through the game. Good vibes created by this game and it was definitely a blast to play. I would definitely tell me friends about this and play it again- A shame it doesn't have KongAPI though, because I know this game would definitely get badges.

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