Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Wild Game Reviewer Appears!

          Hey, everyone! I'm hamuka, also known as hammy, hamster, and a whole bunch of other nicknames. I'm also lesser known for my small-scale review blog, which died out fairly quickly due to the start of school.
          Today, I'm happy to announce that I got approved as a game reviewer for KCG! I'll try to make the best of this position, and make honest reviews so you guys can play the best games. But of course, I should also tell which categories I'm going to rate in, so without further ado:

          Graphics: (5/5) (Pretty straightforward.)
          Gameplay: (5/5) (This is primarily how grindy, exciting or challenging the game is.)
          Innovation: (5/5) (These points go to the game if it features a very unique concept, and reducted if it's really overused or a sequel with almost no changes.)
          Sound: (5/5) (Don't have to explain this, hopefully.)
          Other: (5/5) (These go for other things not in the first 4 subcategories.)
          Overall: (25/25, 5/5) (The sum of all 5 subcategories.)

          Anyway hopefully my reviews will help you to decide which game to play. I'm working on my first review right now, so see you guys soon!

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