Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Light up the Night [Candle Man Review]

      Sometimes you want to stand out above everyone else and burn brighter than the rest. In Candle Man by spotlightor you play as a very "Beauty and the Beast"-like candle who decided to leave his boring candle counterparts and he now must find his way through the darkness in each level. You have the ability to ignite for a light source but you're limited to 10 seconds of light per level which just adds to the obstacles you have to overcome along the way. Put away your matches because Candle Man is going to light up your evening with some interesting game-play in this 3D puzzle platformer adventure.
          What an eerie little game I stumbled across- I absolutely love it. This game is very easy to pick up & play and presents a mild challenge in the realm of puzzle games. I'm not too fond of 3D games but the way this game was executed was just brilliant. The very simple design yet beautiful artwork and shadowing creates a vibe similar to that of Luigi's Mansion. The thing that really created a creepy vibe for me was the music playing in the background. It just puts you right in the middle of a haunted mansion on a stormy night.

          Game-play was very natural and smooth overall (Minus the sudden lag spikes I had. 3D rendering on a laptop is not very fun). If your computer or laptop doesn't have a decent GPU you might suffer from lag issues (You probably need a 1GB+ GPU to run this perfectly smooth). Besides that I thought the learning curve was absolutely perfect and there isn't really a point in this game where you get 'stuck'. As long as you read what the game tells you about the new challenges being presented you should be perfectly fine.
          Some would argue that this game is too short but I would argue that this is a 4.5/5 game that is an appropriate length for the game-type. It creates such a great a great atmosphere and has game-play that reflects the mood it creates. The scenery in this castle-like structure also has great such detail to it- it has the "wow factor". Candle Man was such a rad game to play that I would definitely recommend it to a friend and even play it again for sure.

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