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Survival Idle Walkthrough

          If you're reading this I want to thank you for playing my latest game (Or just being a regular KCG reader) and just spending time on it in general. Since I'm sure a handful of you are confused right now let me fill you guys in: If you're a KCG reader, this post is about the latest game I've made, Survival Idle, and talks about how to get through the game as well as which choices are the best to make. If you're here because you clicked on a link in Survival Idle, then welcome to KCG! This is a blog I run that comes out with game guides, reviews, and community content on a regular basis. There's plenty of ways to subscribe to the blog on the right-hand side bar, but just feel free to have a look around for now. (If you're also interested you can find my personal game development blog here)

READ FIRST: This game is going to be re-launched in early January. The relaunch will feature a new game mode and will be updated regularly with new game modes. This walkthrough only talks about "CLASSIC" mode as well as "HIGHSCORE" mode.

           How to play: Click on the resource you want to collect in order to increase your supply for that resource. Use your resources to upgrade various things and reach the max level house. You can also trade in resources to go on an adventure. There's also a hidden way to passively gain resources but it's not difficult to find (the owl in the tree). You can also click on the music note toward the bottom of the screen to mute what you want or change the track.
          Basics: This game has a mix of active and passive upgrades, three different resources, and a definite ending. There's plenty of ways you can go about beating the game but I'll break the game down into a "Passive", "Somewhat Active", and "Active" type of walkthrough so that you can beat the game in a way that suits you best.
          First thing you want to do is click on the Owl in the tree, regardless of whether you plan on playing passively or actively. The owl will passively gather resources for you every 5 seconds- You can still click to gather resources and the owl will still help you out. Here are what your priorities should be in order to beat the game as quickly as possible depending on your play style. (Please note that I am not encouraging you guys to beat the game as quickly as you can without enjoying it- the way I designed this game gives a lot of freedom to what you can chose to upgrade first and focus on. Before anything else, do what YOU want to do in this game rather than what I tell you to do.)

Passive: Owl > Supplies > House
          If you're the kind of player who just opens an idle game and pays no mind to it then this is what you want to do. Upgrade the Owl every chance you get to increase your passive resource gain. Once you reach the resource cap upgrade your supplies, rinse and repeat. Once you have maxed out your supplies storage then you can focus on upgrading your house all the way to max level. Requires you only to check on the game from time to time. Note that this is the absolutely slowest way to beat the game not because of the fact that it's passive, but because of the way everything is set up. Your cap for food and water is lower than your cap for supplies, yet the owl passively gives you MORE food and water than supplies. This means you'll cap out passively on food and water long before you do on supplies.

Somewhat Active: Person > Owl > Supplies > Adventures > House
          If you're the kind of person who will play for a little and then leave the game sitting this is the upgrade path you'll walk to take. Upgrade your person first so that when you DO decide to actively participate you can get the resources you want in a quick manner. Upgrade your Owl  as your second priority because you'll still want huge passive resource gain for when you take breaks in-between. Your supplies area comes next because eventually you'll reach a point where you HAVE to in order to keep going. Your house is last priority.
          If you're active and daring enough you should go on adventures. Adventures are aimed more towards the middle levels of the game so if you're not there yet don't sweat it. Since the owl passively gives you more food and water than supplies you can go on an adventure to sacrifice food and water for supplies to balance it out. What you'll want to do though is try to go on higher cost adventures since they give a higher ratio of supplies then compared to lower cost adventures.

Active: Person > Owl > Adventures > Supplies > House
          If you're like me and you're able to mindlessly spam-click for an hour or more at a time then this is what you're going to want to do. Focus on the person first just because you'll be clicking a majority of the time. Upgrade the Owl as 2nd most important because you'll still want that really good passive resource gain. Next you'll want to constantly go on Tier 2+ adventures any change you get, essentially. If you go on any type of adventure above Tier 1 you'll be getting more than 100% of your return in the equivalent in supplies and each time you go on an adventure it'll speed up how long it takes to beat the game. Your supplies can be upgraded as needed, and as always your house is actually the last priority.
          You want to make sure you're always clicking on things that make sense to upgrade. Typically, if you click on food you want to click on an equal amount of water. Supplies is a separate category. You'll also want to make sure you don't have TOO much time where a single resource is cap'd out because that's just wasted time that, had you distributed your resource gain more equally, the owl would still be giving you resources for that category. As an active player you'll want to get an ice pack ready for your hand and really utilize adventures to their fullest.

What's the ending?
          I'm not telling, simple as that. This game requires a lot of effort to beat and finding out the ending should be discovered by you- the player! I'll give you two little facts about the ending though: 1) This game was inspired by "I Wish I Were the Moon" if that helps you guess what it could be at all. 2) The ending isn't actually the ending. After you beat it you can actually just keep beating it multiple times to increase your highscore! Yay for highscore mode!

General Info:
(These are basically my unedited developer notes)

S = Supplies
F = Food
W = Water 

(highest for each resource, max upgrade)
S: 100,000,000,000
F: 25,000,000,000
W: 25,000,000,000

Houses and how much they cost
Example. House #: Cost
House 1: 10,000S
House 2: 100,000S
House 3: 1,000,000s
House 4: 10,000,000s
House 5: 100,000,000s
House 6: 1,000,000,000s
House 7: 10,000,000,000s
House 8: 100,000,000,000s

Caps of supplies area as well as how much each costs.
Ex. Supplies #: How much it holds (How much it costs)
NO SUPPLIES: 1,000s 250F 250W (Free)
Supplies 1: 10,000S 2,500F 2,500W (Costs 1,000s)
Supplies 2: 100,000S 25,000F 25,000W (Costs 10,000s)
Supplies 3: 1,000,000S 250,000F 250,000W (Costs 100,000s)
Supplies 4: 10,000,000S 2,500,000F 2,500,000W (Costs 1,000,000s)
Supplies 5: 100,000,000S 25,000,000F 25,000,000W (Costs 10,000,000s)
Supplies 6: 1,000,000,000S 250,000,000F 250,000,000W (Costs 100,000,000s)
Supplies 7: 10,000,000,000S 2,500,000,000F 2,500,000,000W (Costs 1,000,000,000s)
Supplies 8: 100,000,000,000S 25,000,000,000F 25,000,000,000W (Costs 10,000,000,000s)

Upgrading the person increases how much you get per click.
Ex. Man #: Cost (Supplies per click/Food and Water per click)
NOTE: Even though these values are all grouped together, it depending on what you're clicking on. You can't just click anywhere and get all of those resources. For man 1, IF you click on the sticks then you get 10s IF you click on food you get 2 food, and IF you click on water you get 2 water. Just wanted to clarify that you need to be clicking on that SPECIFIC thing to get that specific resource.

Man 1: Free (10S/2F+W)
Man 2: 1,000S 250F 250W (90S/23F+W)
Man 3: 10,000S 2,500F 2,500W (720S/184F+W)
Man 4: 100,000S 25,000F 25,000W (5040S/1288F+W)
Man 5: 1,000,000S 250,000F 250,000W (27720S/7084F+W)
Man 6: 10,000,000S 2,500,000F 2,500,000W (110880S/28336F+W)
Man 7: 100,000,000S 25,000,000F 25,000,000W (332640S/85008F+W)
Man 8: 1,000,000,000S 250,000,000F 250,000,000W (831600S/212520F+W)
Man 9: 2,000,000,000S 500,000,000F 500,000,000W (1871100S/478170F+W)
Man 10: 5,000,000,000S 1,250,000,000F 1,250,000,000W (3742200S/956340F+W)

Upgrading the Owl increases how much you get every 5 seconds
Ex. Owl #: Cost (Supplies per 5 sec/Food and Water per 5 sec)
NOTE: Unlike the man, the owl gives you a little bit of everything every 5 seconds.
Owl 1: Free (10S/25F+W)
Owl 2: 1000S 250F 250W (90S/225F+W)
Owl 3: 10000S 2500F 2500W (720S/1800F+W)
Owl 4: 1,00000S 25000F 25000W (5040S/12600F+W)
Owl 5: 10,00000S 2,50000F 2,50000W (27720S/69300F+W)
Owl 6: 100,00000S 25,00000F 25,00000W (110880S/277200F+W)
Owl 7: 1,000,00000S 250,00000F 250,00000W (332640S/831600F+W)
Owl 8: 10,000,00000S 2,500,00000F 2,500,00000W (831600S/1663200F+W)
Owl 9: 2,000,000,000S 500,000,000F 500,000,000W (1871100S/3742200F+W)
Owl 10: 5,000,000,000S 1,250,000,000F 1,250,000,000W (3742200S/7484400F+W)

Costs to go on adventures and returns
Ex. Adventure #: Costs (Return)
Adventure 1: 2,500F 2,500W (10,000S)
Adventure 2: 25,000F 25,000W (105,000S)
Adventure 3: 250,000F 250,000W (1,100,000S)
Adventure 4: 2,500,000F 2,500,000W (11,500,000s)
Adventure 5: 25,000,000F 25,000,000W (120,000,000S)
Adventure 6: 250,000,000F 250,000,000W (2,500,000,000S)

Fun Facts and Easter Eggs:
  • "Camping Idle" was the title of this project up until a few days before release. 
  • This game was inspired by "I Wish I Were the Moon" 
  • This game was also inspired by all of the camping I've done over the years. I'm a former Boyscout and am currently an Assistant Scoutmaster at my local Boyscout troop. 
  • There's a hidden easter egg for clicking on the crater of the moon 
  • Lots of Video Game Pop Culture references in this game! I'll list some... 
  • Kokiri Forest is from the Legend of Zelda series 
  • Tick Tock Woods is a reference to Banjo Kazooie, but can also be found in Diddy Kong Racing. 
  • Tiny Huge Island is a reference to a world name in Super Mario 64 
  • Gobi Desert is a reference to Gobi's Desert in Banjo Kazooie 
  • Lethal Lava Land is a reference to the world in Super Mario 64 
  • Ganon's Castle is based off of Ganondorf's Castle at the end of "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"
  • Man 8 + Woman 8 are are a reference to Batman!
  • Man 9 + Woman 9 are a reference to scooby doo!
  • The end upgrades for the man and woman (and the beginning man upgrade) are direct clothing references to the clothes worn by the characters in "I Wish I Were the Moon". 
  • The 4th Owl Upgrade is a reference to Space Invaders 
  • The 5th Owl Upgrade is a reference to Spiderman's internet meme comic version, Spooderman. 
  • The 6th Owl Upgrade is a reference to the Hulk. 
  • The 7th Owl Upgrade is a reference to Iron Man 
  • The 8th Owl Upgrade is a reference to Bat Man 
  • The 9th Owl Upgrade is Scooby Doo!
  • Supplies 5 and 6 are references to Minecraft Chests 
  • Supplies 7 and 8 are references to Legend of Zelda chests found in some of the classic games as well as Wind Waker. (More specifically, the 8th chest being similar to boss key chests) 
  • The 8th house is a reference to the movie Up! 
  • There is a hidden piece of food in the "The End" picture once you beat the game.

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