Friday, December 20, 2013

4 Great Ways to Spend the Holiday Season on Kongregate

          It's that time of the year again where we go on massive last minute shopping sprees for those we love and care about. The snow is lightly blanketing the ground, Santa's sleigh-bells can be heard from the distance, and I can already taste the milk and cookies! Christmas is here on everyone's favorite flash gaming portal and there's definitely more than one way to spread the love this holiday season. Bundle up, share the love, and get ready for some deliciously sweet ways to spend your holiday  Kongregate days.

          1. Play a Holiday/Christmas themed game.
It's dead outside but it's quite lively in here
Since Kongregate Developers bring great games this year!
In Snail Bob 6 you might have to look twice
For you'll need to find a star each level- no, thrice.
Xmas Gifting Challenge will have you in for a treat
As you throw gifts to all good children you meet.
Play wisely in Christmas Marble Popper,
Don't make false moves; don't play improper.
There aren't many holiday games as of yet,
But new ones are sure to come- You bet!
          2. Spend time with your friends.
Why play a game alone when you can play with friends,
Your fun will carry on- it will surely never end.
Game, game on through the whole night long
If you even wanted you could both sing a song!
Rage at one another as all friends do
Make fun of each other, talk shi- ... another word for "poo"
No matter how you treat your friends, hold them dear
and spent time together- Hell, crack open a beer.
          3. Donate to a developer
Although you receive gifts and relax at this time of the year
Developers work year-round to make games you hold so dear.
Even though they bring you these "gifts" all "three sixty five"
Most don't make enough to live, let alone thrive.
So crack open your wallet and help a dev out,
Because your generosity, they cannot live without.
          4. Thank a moderator or admin.
"1/5 haz no badgees" says the game comment spammer,
But sure enough that guy will get hit with 'the hammer'.
Working everyday to keep Kongregate looking clean
These guys deserve a "thank you", if you know what I mean.
Cleaning up chat, the forums, and updating the site
These great helpers make Kong's future quite bright.
Take a moment to give them a well-deserve "thank you!"
For if they weren't here, many trolls you would have to get through.

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