Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pew pew pew! [Battalion Commander 2 Review]

          This is Sergeant Lugo reporting in, enemies have been seen just a few clicks north of here. Battalion Commander 2 by IriySoft brings the heat in the form of a bullet hell action shooter game. Gain experience through playing the game over again to unlock upgrades, and collect coins along the way to purchase those upgrades. The more upgrades you have the longer you'll be able to survive on the battlefield. Rise through the ranks and complete missions to receive rewards along the way. Put on your boots soldier, and get ready for a casual yet very fun and fast paced gaming experience.
          I thought it was a bit odd that the game didn't have a tutorial level or instructions of any sort, but after starting the game you'll also find that instructions aren't necessary. Besides, there's no instruction manual for war! This game is very easy to pick up and play and has several features in it that make it addicting. The upgrade system, XP system, ability to complete missions, and collection of money all make you want to keep playing until you've reached the rank of Colonel. The fact that the game's difficultly curve works well will also make the gaming experience enjoyable as a whole.

          This game's level is relatively the same, in terms of what enemies you can expect to see in which section of the level. Although, the game does slightly change each time you play it. There's many people including myself who feel that the game is a bit grindy, which it is- there's no way avoiding mentioning it. You're playing the same level over and over in order to purchase more upgrades to make it further in the level. It's really a set-up for grinding. I personally feel like I can overlook any grinding involved to truly enjoy this game for what it is; I had a blast playing it!.
          Graphics for this game were great as a whole. Everything is kind of limited to a certain specifically chosen color palette, which I can appreciate, and the artist made everything really go well together. Animations throughout the game were also very smooth and didn't lag up my gaming experience at all, which is always appreciated as the person playing the game. I liked the fact that you could mute the music and sound effects separately in this game, although I never felt the need to mute the game at all. The fact that you can either play the game with your mouse OR your keyboard is always a nice little thing to include.
          When the fog of war clears up I really do feel like this game should be at about a 4/5. It's a really great game that I didn't have too many problems with aside from the grinding to it. I had fun while playing it and I'm almost finished with the whole game which I'm excited about. I think the developer did a much better job with this game than he did with the first game in the series. Would definitely recommend this game to a friend, bullet hell games are always fun to play!

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