Friday, February 12, 2010


Elements, by zanzarino, is the game that has been badged today. Elements is an online CCG (collectable card game) in which there are different elements (time, water, darkness...) and different game modes (PVP, PVP Duel...). In my opinion, it's much better than Kongai. And also, one of the best things of this game, is that its content is 100% free!

The goal in this game is, as in every other card game, defeat your opponent. To defeat your opponent you must use different strategies and cards. If you defeat your opponent you'll get money and if you lose you'll lose it. With money you can buy and upgrade cards; you can also sell cards if you need money or don't need a card.

Quick review
Sound: This game's music is nice and relaxing to hear, and it's the sort of music you get in such games, which is good. Its sound and sound effects are awesome as there are sounds for every small detail like playing a card, "killing" a card and other nice effects in-game, 0.9.
Difficulty: Its difficulty is okay, as it's not too hard to get all the badges, it's just that you have to spend more time playing to get them. It is good in a way, as it's easy to regain money if you've lost or spent it all, 0.7.
Graphics: The graphics are very very nice, as all the cards have a different drawing. These card drawings are also very well drawn and they have been professionally drawn by experts. Also, the quality of this game by zanzarino is very good. I must say that the graphics are one of the best game graphics I have ever seen, 1.
Gameplay: Playing this game is fun once you understand how to play it. It's addictive and exciting. This game is a fast card game, which makes it even better as you don't have to wait much, 0.8.
Controls: The game only needs to be played with the mouse, which makes its controls good. Understanding the instructions is harder, though, but there are several similar card games in real life which are played similarly, 0.9.
Total: My total rating for this game is 4.5 / 5. I really liked this game and think the best thing of it is the whole concept of card games and its graphics. Kongregate's rating as of 12/02/2010: 4.35 / 5.

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