Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interview with Vitaly

Interview with Vitaly

Q: First of, Hello, and thank you for Putting in time to do this interview.

A: Hello, I always glad to answer players' questions ^^

Q: So first question, what chat rooms are you usually in (on Kongregate) so that fan can talk to you!
A: Usually I don't even read chat, I even don't play games too much, just have no time for them. I play only some unusual, logical, interesting or beautiful games like Zlich, Adventures of Reemus, Submachine and my own games - when testing them. But the chat room which I usually in is Games Workshop.

Q: When did you start making games?
A: About 4-5 years ago. Of course, my first games were just first try, so I didn't put them anywhere. The first "real" game was Endless War published in July 2005, after 8 months I completed Endless War 2 which was my first success.

Q: What do you think the biggest challenge was starting out, and if so any advice?
A: The biggest Kongregate challenge? I just don't know %) didn't try new challenges.

Q: So obviously one of your most successful games Feudalism II and Endless War Series, what are your favorite parts of it, what part would you add, and what would you take out?
A: They are all favorite ;) Of course, I like the last games (F2 and EW3) more than others because they have more features, but overall they all are important for me. I wouldn't take out anything from these games, but have some things to add: maybe another magic system and bigger map for Feudalism and some stealth missions and (of course!) more guns for Endless War.

Q: Is there any new games that are in the making that you wish to tell KCG about it first (or second)?
A: I'm working on Endless War 4 now. Most graphics for the game is done, and at this moment I'm working with menu, guns and code. Don't expect much from the fourth part - it will not become a revolution: just another Endless War :) Some new guns, new enemies and changed graphics - I didn't want to spend half of a year for fixing game what isn't broken. There'll be less missions, only 12, but each mission consists of three maps, not one as before. So the game isn't smaller.

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