Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interview With IggyShark

Hello, this is Marh! It's my first post in KCG, and I'm very excited! As many of you know, IggyShark is a senior mod, and the owner of the room Velocity.


Marh: Anyway, I'm here to INTERVIEW YOU.
Iggyshark : About what?
Marh: Er...
Marh: About your modship, I guess :P
Marh: Banned!
Iggyshark: Reverse psychology!
Marh: Lol
Marh: Anyway... I guess I'll just kind of cut to the chase.
Iggyshark: mmkay
Marh: So...
Marh: When did you first join Kongregate?
Iggyshark: Member Since: 05/04/2007
Marh: So you've been around for quite a while, then.
Iggyshark: I guess. Coming up on the two year mark I think.
Marh: Even longer than me >.> (Grrr)
Iggyshark: Really? lol
Marh: Yes, I'm 5/28
Iggyshark: 'Tis okay. One of my regs has me beat by a day.
Marh: What was Kongregate like when you started, and what was your first response to the community?
Iggyshark: Well, I started out in the lair. That should tell you the kind of environment that I first encountered
Iggyshark: Back when koko was still running the show
Marh: Lol
Iggyshark: It was nice, and I kind of got hooked fast... but when she left, things changed
Iggyshark: This was about the time I started chatting with Carados more.
Marh: Interesting.
Iggyshark: And then the darkness descended, in an attempt to drive the room back into chaos
Iggyshark: It actually worked too. We had a semi-functional community built up after a time.
Iggyshark: The admins saw this, and bestowed a modly gift to fight back the horde
Marh: Wow, that's a pretty unique Kong story right there...
Iggyshark: But I was rejected, and expelled from the tribe
Marh: Why?
Iggyshark: Mostly because it was considered cheating
Iggyshark: The lair hadn't seen a mod in quite some time at this point
Marh: Yeah, they're really anti-mod, I've heard.
Iggyshark: Eventually after a period of wandering, I was reconciled with the tribe, and began an exodus
Iggyshark: And led all that was good to a paradise known as "The Hive"
Marh: Ah.
Iggyshark: Leaving the horde to overrun the lair
Marh: The Hive was like Heaven, eh?
Iggyshark: Not the hive.
Iggyshark: I just woke up. my brain is AIDS!
Marh: Lol...
Marh: I was wondering...
Iggyshark: The hive is pretty much velocity's next door neighbor though. MST is the barney to my fred flinstone
Marh): ... O_o Cool
Marh: Okay, so when were you first modded?
Iggyshark: Argh... time questions make me angryfaiced
Iggyshark: Lemme go ask my regs
Iggyshark: They'd know
Marh: ?
Marh: Okay, so...
Marh: When you were first modded, what was your first response? "OH YAY!!!11!!11! FINALLY!", "OMIGAD I'M GONNA DIE" or "cool... D_D"
Iggyshark: "Oh crap, I have to do work now?"
Iggyshark: I believe that is the precise wording I used to email damijin back when I got my email.
Marh: LOL
Marh: How has modding compared to what you thought it would be like, before you were modded?
Iggyshark: Well, like most users I thought it would be some mystical shamanic experience.
Iggyshark: Now I realise it's just paperwork and button pushing
Marh: Yep...
Marh: That's... really well put.
Iggyshark: But I like playing the good little slave monkey
Marh: ...
Iggyshark: heh
Marh: *is in fear*
Iggyshark: PHatHome666: Iggy, i'd say it happened in 2008 from somewhere between february to june.
Iggyshark: But that is patti. And patti is unreliable.
Marh: Just like it Peanuts
Marh: Anyway...
Marh: I'm not sure if you got that... ?
Iggyshark: She the one who always moves the football?
Marh: No...
Marh: That's... Lucy, I believe.
Iggyshark: His name comes from patti mayonaise from Doug anyways.
Marh: :P
Iggyshark: Gargh! Lucy be me!
Marh: :O
Marh: Okay, here's an interesting question:
Marh: What type of mod do you consider yourself? A strict mod? A "live and let live" mod? A "let's see what happens..." mod?
Marh: Or anything else you can think of, of course.
Iggyshark: Well, my regs call me lax, pheonix thinks I'm strict, and I just keep on' keeping on.
Marh: Yeah...
Iggyshark: Lucy is a cowgirl moderator. Does what she wants.
Marh: A lot of the time people seem to think mods are always as strict one day as the next... but a lot of times it'll depend.
Marh: It's funny...
Iggyshark: Tch... tell me about it. "Do I give this guy a warning?" "Nah... too lazy"
Iggyshark: Next day I'll end up typing out a warning in essay form to the same guy
Marh: Lol... I feel exactly the same way O_o
Iggyshark: Also, my favourite reg just got an M.
Marh: So, tell us about your room?
Iggyshark: Well... "Velocity boasts lenient moderation and a higher proportion of intelligent members to mouth-breathers than regular rooms."
Iggyshark: I don't think I can say that any better.
Iggyshark: We use complete sentences, and don't put up with stupid shite.
Marh: That sounds heavenly.
Iggyshark: The regs think so too.
Iggyshark: It can get kind of flamey when random people walk in and don't observe our customs
Iggyshark: 99% of the time, it ends up with me silencing somebody for swearing at cara
Iggyshark: We do get some decent new users though, like Auric.
Iggyshark: Our most recent addition
Marh: Cool
Marh: Anyway...
Marh: I honestly think that wraps up our interview.
Iggyshark: Mmmkay
Marh: Okay
Iggyshark: Also, gimme a link when it's published
Marh: It was really nice talking to you


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