Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dodge is a game released by moogoat which has only made this single, but good, game. His website is here.

You have to dodge every shot your enemies do which is aimed to you, but you're fast enough to dodge them. You're not supposed to just dodge them and that's it, you're supposed to moved around, gather some of their shots and then go in direction to an enemy to destroy it.

There are several types of enemies in-game. As they have no given name, I gave each one the name I seem it looks like.
NOTE: When I put how many shots are required to destroy an enemy, I mean red shots, green shots are way more effective and might require half than red.

Yellow Kite
Yellow Kite goes to the position it wants to go directly and then it stops, doesn't move from it, and shoots you.
How many shots to destroy it?: 2

Blue Egg
Blue Egg can move while it shoots you. It doesn't stop and it's always aiming at you to try to make you get hit.
How many shots to destroy it?: 3

Green Suicide
Green suicide goes directly to a spot, wait for a few seconds and explodes making you get hurt if you're close, it also throw its own shots which are green and faster. Try to destroy them before they explode.
How many shots to destroy it?: 2

Purple Square
Purple squares teleport to a different location and release 3 missiles, the more purple they are, in lease time they'll throw their missiles and teleport.
How many shots to destroy it?: 2

Orange Sniper
These enemies go to a place and then they stay alone, after that they shoot, not one shot, 2! Some of their shots (orange) will not follow you though, so watch out for those.
How many shots to destroy it?: 3

Important levels:
Level 3: Blue Egg comes in.
Level 6: Green Suicide comes in.
Level 9: Green Suicides come by teams of 4 and they explode, with no other enemy you just have to dodge.
Level 10: Purple Square comes in. / You get the Illudium Phosdex badge (Easy) for completing the level.
Level 12: Green Suicides and Purple Squares both suicide themselves all the time.
Level 13 and 14: Short but intense levels, full all the time with lots of enemies to destroy.
Level 15: 10 Purple Squares at a time are waiting to explode and kill you.
Level 16: Orange Snipers come in.
Level 18: Orange Snipers are the only enemy there is.
Level 20: There are 2 waves of each kind of enemy then 3 final waves of them all. / You get the If you can dodge a wrench... badge (Medium) for completing the level.

Badges and Challenge guide
Getting out of Dodge Challenge
To require 100,000 + Points you should complete 13 levels playing kind of well. Stoneheel Totem will be given to you once you end your match, having won or lost.

Illudium Phosdex Badge (Easy)
The first 10 levels are easy except 9 and 10, which are a bit harder than the rest, but still easy.

If You Can Dodge a Wrench... Badge (Medium)
It gets really hard towards the end, remember to heel yourself the few last levels! Tip: Go Counter-Clockwise all the time, you won't get hit a lot.

Can't Touch This Badge (Hard)
You have to destroy 100 enemies in a row without getting hit by any shot, if you don't, it'll start back from zero again. Tip for medium badge also works here.



hokage4354 said...

This is an absolutely stunning guide!

hipcheck said...

Absolutely Awesome. Great job. Thank you so much

JaumeBG said...

Thanks hokage and hipcheck :D (Updated now). It took me a while but it was worth the effort.

Jay said...

Wow, comprehensive guide! I'm the developer, moogoat, by the way.

You've got a few things wrong though:
1. Snipers take 3 hits, not 4.
2. Purple squares teleport to a different location and release 3 missiles, not suicide.

But anyways, that's a great guide! Thanks for taking the time to play my game so extensively and to make it!

Username6 said...

I almost beat this game. I was at the last lvl but then I died. I was like "Noooooo!"