Saturday, January 17, 2009

About me

I'm JaumeBG. My real name is Jaume, and my first and second surnames start with B and G, respectively, as you see, not much imagination was required when I created my username in Kongregate. I live in Lleida, Spain. I speak English, Spanish and Catalan which is a different language inside a county in Spain.

I'm a game developer, although I only made one game and it's kind of bad... I like action games, such as Dodge, Platfrom Racing 2 or Achievement Unlocked. I'm normally in room Catalonia, which can be entered putting after the game ?room_id=38 although you'll have to speak Catalan to talk in there, so it's kind of useless if you enter it and you don't speak it... I normally frequent the forums, my favourite is the off-topic section.

Here are the entries I've done in the blog:
Death Dice Overdose
About me

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Sikander7 said...

Great one JBG! Good to see your online participation.

I use blogger for my academic studies, and so the blog is kind of boring unless you are interested in linguistics!