Thursday, January 15, 2009


Minions is a game produced by Casual Collective. Casual Collective has also added other great games on Kongregate such as Flash Element TD 2 and Buggle Connect. I really like these three games designed by Casual Collective, they're really good and challenging.

Minions is a multiplayer game where you're in a team of 4, 6, 8 or 10 people against another team with the same number of players as in yours, in which, to win, you have to destroy the enemies' team's central base. The central base/tower is the base that is at the end of your screen, if you're blue it's the lowest, and if you're red, viseversa. While you are going to there you are most likely to find yourself with an enemy, which can be a computer (lowly minion) or human (which is bigger).

There are 5 different minions you can play with in Kongregate, the rest are restricted to .
Splodge (Minion 1): This minion is a very good minion to play with 'cause he's got high defense and he's easy to use, but he's got low damage. In-game this minion's special stats are Repair (which allows you to cure yourself 20hp per second during 5 seconds), Shield (it gives you +2 armor for 3.0 +0.5 seconds x every upgrade put on it) and Sight (it gives you +10 sight rate, as more sight you have, the farther you'll detect enemies).
Basher (Minion 2): I don't recommend this minion, he has very low defense, although he has medium ease of use and very high damage. But once he's as best as it can be, it's very good. This minion's special stats are HE Shells(It hurts +4.5 damage per every upgrade you put on it), Overload (attack speed +20% for 6 secs, 12 seconds cooldown) and AP Shells (makes your shots unvunerable to armor for 5 secs, 20 seconds cooldown.
Doc (Minion 3): This minion can be very good if you know how to use it, but really bad if you don't. If you're this minion, you should always go with one of your teammates. Doc's special stats are Repair All (Repairs all allied units within 70 metres +1 by 30 hp +6 for 3 secs per upgrade), Far Sight (increases your unit's sight range to 50 metres +5 for 5 secs, 15 secs -0.5 per upgrade) and Engine (permanently increases doc's speed by 3.5 kph +0.2 per upgrade).
Stinger (Minion 4): This unit's health is very low... Stinger's special stats are Stun Bolt (a hitting projectile that stuns the enemy for 2 secs +0.1, 20 seconds cooldown -1 per upgrade), Glue Bomb (Slows enemy movement by -26% +6 and attack speed by -20% +5 per upgrade, Lasts 5 secs, 20 secs cooldown) and Boost (increases your attack by +15% +4 and speed by 4.5 kph +0.9 per upgrade, for 5 secs, 20 secs cooldown).
Shouty (Minion 5): Shouty has medium defense, ease of use and attack, but if he attacks with a missile, it's devastating. This minion's special stats are Missile (Missile with 30 damage +6 per upgrade and 130 metres range, ignores armor, 6 secs cooldown), Mortar (Long ranged weapon with 30 damage +9, 150m range and a 40m radius +5 per upgrade, 20 secs cooldown) and Reload (Instantly reloads the missile and mortar, 60 secs, -4 per upgrade cooldown).

There are 3 different stats for all minions, and 3 special stats for your type minion.
Ease of use:
The higher it is, the faster it'll respond to your actions.
The higher it is, the harder it'll be for your enemies to kill you.
The higher it is, the faster you'll be able to kill your enemies.
Special stats:
These sats, are the stats that only your type of minion has, as explained above.

Time left:
You have 30 seconds to choose your minion.
Teammates and enemies:
The blue minions, in this case, are your teammates and the red minions are your enemies, it change be the other way round. In-game you'll have to kill the opposite colour team and help your team.

In-game view
Who am I?
You're the one who has a yellow surrounding on it.
Unit's levels:
The more you kill your enemies the more experience you'll get. When you change level, you can upgrade a special stat.
Main tower:
To win the game, you have to destroy the opposite colour tower, remember to protect yours aswell!
When your health reaches 0, you die and you start again.


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