Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ultimate Assassin 2 --Review

I have a thing with words. No. Not like an 'affinity' to words or something, whenever I say some words, they strike me as either good or bad.

Now you may be asking how this relates to my review...thing is, I start every review by saying the title of the game out loud while playing it. I can't help it, it's a reflex that I gained from writing comics (You use it to get ideas). Let me get to the point, I like this title, even though the words for the title can be seen as a random throwing together of random things (As is common with flash games).

Okay, now that that's out of the way, time to navigate the main parts of the game. When the game loads, you're treated to a nice menu screen of your little murderer with his back against the wall breathing heavily with a knife. The use of light and reflection really stand out, especially in a flash game.

The tutorial doesn't explain much besides the basic game functions , again, this is one of those games where you must learn how to play by playing. Although the first mission does a nice job of helping you into the waters. The difficulty may ramp up a little soon for some.

And that's it, no story, no explanation of why you can run fast and turn invisible, you're just an assassin in an assassin's world. Now a lot of this review teeters on the fact that I expect a few things from a flash game, the same I'd expect from a full-fledged one.

Anywho, last little gripes...
  • No story
  • Special moves may make it easy for some...
  • ...Yet for those who don't use them after a bit, you're in for a world of toughness
  • Can't kill those guards
  • From what I've seen, those guards aren't all too intelligent (Seriously, I leave Bloody footprints, and you can't follow them? And you shoot me and leave a pool of blood, yet you don't continue shooting?)
In my opinion, this game is somewhat good, but has quite a few things to hate 6/10
The game

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