Friday, November 20, 2009

Walkthrough for "Tower of Greed"

This is my first guide! SQUEEEE!

Well, to start off with, you need the controls. Now, as you SHOULD be playing on Kong, you can just scroll down, but I'll save you the time

Arrow Keys or WASD to move
Space or J to jump/confirm
Shift or K to use item/cancel
Enter or P to pause
M to mute

Anyway, first off, the easy badge and card. You should be able to get these in one run. I recomend trying to get all the gems for the first 3-4 floors, and if you can't, just play through it a few times to get used to the levels, as they repeat. If you find a bag with a blue thing on it, pick it up to get an item. There are 4 items.

Skull (grey): Kills any enemies on screen, and about an inch allowance on the top and bottom.
Shield (pink): Makes it impossible for enemies/spikes to knock you back. Not very useful.
Gem magnet (green): Attracts all gems on screen, also with a 1 inch allowance.
Hourglass (yellow): Stops time for roughly 5 seconds.

The first time you get each item, use it quickly, to get a trophy each. If you pick up an item bag while you have an item, you will get another trophy. If you use a gem magnet or a skull on nothing, you will get another trophy each. Run into an enemy with frozen time = yet ANOTHER trophy.

Anyway, you should get 25k by about floor 11. If not, you won't be able to leave until floor 15 anyway, so you have plenty of time. After every 5th floor there is a row of 6 Blue gems, so you should have at least 12 by then. I had 28, so it's not hard to do.

So, the hard badge. Actually considerably easy, considering that you can get your first 10-15 trophies in 10 floors, and there are at least 20 that can be accomplished by nothing but getting an item, an timing its use. Check out the trophy page and target each one specifically. If you are good you can get 50 within an hour. If you have trouble, just stop trying to get gems, and go up normally. You should be able to reach at least floor 50, just don't get greedy. By the time you get that high though, you will have collected a lot of gems/floors/item uses for your overall total.

The impossible is actually considerably easy in comparison to others, you just need to know what you are doing. Just follow my protips and get used to the level pattern and it should be cake.

PROTIP 1: Green = $50, Blue = $500 and White = $5000. Don't let that suck you in however. When going for cash, green gems are still worth a lot. Also, never go the for white gem on the staircase like portion of the level. You can't survive unless you get an hourglass powerup. It's not worth it.

PROTIP 2: If you are about to get a new power-up, just use the one you have already. It counts towards a trophy set.

PROTIP 3: Speed is NOT of the essence. If you are going faster than the scroll is, just relax. You will probably just jump into an enemy and not be able to recover if you keep jumping off-screen.

Anyway, that's it for now, see you all next badge set! (Or maybe even sooner o.o)


wiggles96 said...

Awesome guide! but i have more info, noe that when you pick up an item, you get 100, when you get an item with one already still unused, you get 1100, so that actually helps in the imp badge

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

sellyme said...

Yes, but I said that for people trying to get the hard. Oh well, 1000 extra isn't really going to help that much for people skilled enough to get that high anyway...

GHEZ119 said...

1,000 is still 1/500 of what you need. Assuming you do it 10 times, it's 1/50. A big difference really, considering you might do it 20+ times in a decent 500k run :P

wiggles96 said...

Yes, and also, i recently discovered, for those who are still , including me, having a hard time getting high floors, My friend Drovoxx informed me that around floo 130 diamonds start spamming up, greatly helping

sellyme said...

Yes, after a 100 or so you will get at least 3-5k a floor. In fact I even got about 71k in 5 floors thanks to a giant amount of diamonds.

GHEZ119 said...

I just don't have the perseverance to grind it and learn the patterns. :(

slasherx said...
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