Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Gun Game--The Review

[i]In this Review, I'll be trying out a few things with formatting, and stuff. Please leave comments about how you like it[/i]

"So, kiddos, ready to play with some insanely dangerous firearms?"

And thus, the premise for 'The Gun Game Begins'. If you haven't already, I'll explain to you what the game's core is: "Shoot things, get medals and guns. Shoot some more stuff". This sounds fun and all, but as a flash game, how does it stack up? Today, We will find out, in our review.

For all those who've never heard a gun fire ever in life (me included), the sounds of gunfire are quite good in this game. Still, that doesn't mean it deserves a good point in this category. Why?
Because it literally has no other sounds people. Yeah, get used to that pistol fire, because chances are you'll be hearing it for the next thirty minutes or so, probably less, but that's another subject.
It's a game about guns, where did you think the graphics were gonna go, in terms of looking good?...Actually, as bad as you may think these graphics are...they're worse. The hands don't look exactly good, neither do the backgrounds, and then there's the puzzling decision of having the GOOD hand and good background locked, under an achievement system that's more Sisyphean than rewarding (Don't know what I mean? Study your Greek Mythology some more, or's good). Seriously, All but one background is locked with the first unlock-able needing 100 button presses to obtain. As or the hands, you have a choice between 'black' and 'white', with a choice of either displaying a hand of your choice race. Which again, is pretty damn stupid considering that they didn't have to give this choice. I suppose the purpose was to prevent people going "My hand's white, why can't it be black, RACISTS!". When in fact I doubt anyone would've cared about the race of their disembodied hand. In fact, for including this choice, the game's actually became more racist, leeme explain a bit more. When you offer a choice between a black hand and a white hand, you basically simplify everything, and try to fit every race under these two things; OR you admit that you didn't think about the other races, which is pretty racist....Which is pretty weird how a flash game about guns can be racist, but I'll bear on and continue the review.
Remember the time I brought up that weird unlock-able system an hour ago? Yeah, it's awful, and somehow, it makes up a lot of the game. The pride of a gun game should be playing with all the many different guns. Problem is, you have to unlock most of them. See, this would be fun if some of the achievements had goals like "Reload 100 times", or "Get 57 Expert medals", or even "Fire 200 Glock rounds". How long does the maker of this game think we're gonna play it? A day? Two? To unlock everything, you'll have to play this game a lot, mainly because most of the longass achievements unlock guns which you have to get a specific, generic longass achievement on. And loss of memory for some players is simply unforgivable! Also, did I mention that most of the guns in a FLASH GAME are locked? I think that's important, really important.
The many mission of the campaign aren't varied, in fact, they will make you wanna play the game even less...Okay, I think that's enough, time to wrap it up.
---------------------Wrappin' it up------------------------
...I don't think I've even said a good thing about the game...we all know where this review is going anyway.

It's a generally unfavorable game, some will like it, but to like this, they will have to get over A LOT of major hurdles, A whole lot.
So, that screams 4/10, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

There's requests for guides, reviews and interviews(in the "request an article" thread). Why aren't those being filled?

Winwinwe said...

Anonymous, there getting filled as we have time to.
Guides are awfully hard to make, I know for a fact that one of those guides are at least in the processes of being made.
Reviews...I'll do one if kong search will let me.
And interviews, those are pretty hard to find, considering that game programmers are hard to find not programming

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I know that guides take a while to make and interviews are pretty rare.

nintendo dsi r4 said...

If it is there and I missed it I wish you could delete posts.