Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two new anticipated releases!

Hi there. All you Sonny fans or Desktop Tower Defence fans may want to pay extra special attention to this post if you haven't been on Kongregate in the past two days. ;D

That's right--both the highly anticipated Sonny 2 and the much loved Desktop Tower Defence's 'sequel' came out yesterday. (In fact, they were within two game submissions apart.) So for all you fans of either of those two series, go open them up and get cracking!

But wait. There are a couple minor drawbacks, as with all good things. First of all, Sonny 2 has the "Hyrdaulic" class restricted to ArmorGames only, so don't expect to be playing as him. Secondly, Desktop Tower Defence Pro has an option restricted in Sandbox mode. (That option being 'starting money')

Regardless, go stop by Kongregate and check out the new games!

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Username6 said...

NICE! I love the Desktop Tower Defence games! I yes, I haven't gbeen on Kong for the last two days(infact, I've ben gone for a week).