Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gemcraft Prequel released! (Along with short review about said prequel)

This may be old news to some of you more frequent Flash Game players, but just to inform those who don't already know: GemCraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity is released! It is currently available only on ArmorGames (to my knowledge).

While I would love to shut down my laptop and go hit the hay, I would feel bad leaving this new post with only a small paragraph of text. So, I'll type up a short review of the game and tack that on too.

Graphics: 9/10 -- Spectacular graphics, with all different colors, hues, and shades. I have one minor gripe though: They seem to get a bit bland after a bit of playing the game. They are fantastic at first sight, but there is little to no variety to the graphics other than color.

Sound: 3/10 -- Where the game really lacks. Little to no sound is present in the game, and the only sounds available are repetitive, droning sound effects. For example, the map screen is nothing but a steady breeze-type sound effect. While in battle, the only sounds are noises of your gems attacking (very repetitive indeed), and whatever else you may be doing such as combining gems or dropping gem bombs.

Difficulty: 10/10 -- Wow. There is just so much to do in this game, it boggles the Flash Gamer's mind. Lots of levels are present in the game, along with nine different modes to play each level on. That alone offers a very hefty sum of playtime, but did I mention there are a LOT of amulets? You thought the original Gemcraft had a bunch of amulets, just take one peek at the prequel's. Just at a glance, I'm going to have to go with around one hundred amulets are present, most likely a lot more.

Gameplay: 9/10 -- Very original gameplay, and a lot more strategical that it's predecessor. It's gameplay is similar to that of a Tower Defence game, but with some slight RPG elements. The one flaw here is that it gets a tiny bit repetitive after a bit of playing.

Controls: 10/10 -- The mouse, coupled with Hotkeys for everything you'll need. What more can I say?

Overall, I'd say this game is just about as close to perfection as any Flash Tower Defence game can get. The controls, difficulty (and for that matter replayability), and gameplay are all flawless. The graphics are great, but get boring after a bit. The downfall of this game is by far the sound. Hardly any is present, and the remnants of the sound you will hear will make you want to hit that mute button faster than the sound reaches your ears.

Here's the review in a word: Play it. Now.

Play Gemcraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity now!


Anonymous said...

Put in the review that I'm making a gudie level by level showing the skills in my youtube account:

I hope it helps!

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