Friday, April 24, 2009

Buttonhunt Walkthrough

Stage 1: Click the button.

Stage 2: Drag the T.V., click the button.

Stage 3: Move the match to the string and click, click the button.

Stage 4: Click the 2nd button in the suspect row.

Stage 5: Click the button anyways.

Stage 6: DO NOT PRESS RESTART; click the button that’s in the top corner.

Stage 7: Trace the path from Capn’s Rock to the X, it will turn into a button. Click the button.

Stage 8: Go to the green square, either complete the maze or hit alt and go to the red button and click it

Stage 9: Go to start, all programs, button, click the button.

Stage #10: Click the basketball players body.


Stage 11: Click the catapult.

Stage 12: Put the ammo in, fire the gun 3 times and click the button.

Stage 13: Click the rain square. Click the button.

Stage 14: Click the ⇓ arrow, click red, click the circle, click the button.

Stage #15: Click the green button on the remote, then the down arrow twice, then the green button again.

Stage 16: Hover your mouse over the yellow block, click the button.

Stage 17: Click the word “buttons” in the book.

Stage 18: Place bid with 5 seconds, click the button in the box.

Stage 19: Drag the line over to the other satellite, click the button on the screen.

Stage 20: Click the match, rub it on the side of the box, light the Pink Panthers cig, click the button.


Stage 21: Shoot the red target.

Stage 22: Grab the top tool, cut the guy by tracing the dots, and put the tool back. Grab the bottom tool and click the star, return the tool. Grab the left tool and pick up the red button and place it on the bottom right side of the tray, put the tool back. Take the right tool and sew the guy back up, return the tool, and click the button you took out of him.

Stage 23: Take the battery out of the left headphone and take the battery out of the pack and put it in there. Click the button on the bottom of the note.

Stage 24: Click the ship on the bottom of the screen 3 times.

Stage 25: Move the magnify glass to the second to last insect (the one with the button).

Stage 26: Click the second choose.

Stage 27: Drag the dynamite to the yellow box on the safe, click the red spade, click the top of it, click the thing on the right side of it, put it on the dynamite and click the button.

Stage 28: Quick press the arrows (not arrow keys); right, up, click the button.

Stage 29: Click the man’s fist, then the other, and then the pocket of his hoodie. Click the button.

Stage 30: Click the red square and click when it’s in the yellow circle, put it back. Grab the green square and put it in the yellow circle, put it back. Click the blue square and put it in the yellow circles and return it. Grab the knife and trace the path going counter-clockwise and put it back. Click the button.



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