Saturday, March 6, 2010

Infectonator: World Dominator - How To Rule The World (Review)

Ever played one of those world domination games? I'm sure you have; the type where you start small and end up conquering the planet by either sending soldiers to capture land, or by infecting them with some deadly disease.

Let me put it this way:
Infectionator: World Dominator is a very unique game. It is a game where you are some sort omniscient being (an "infectionator", I suppose) and it is your job to dominate the world. Follows the title, I suppose.

Starting out in Africa and working your way up the country/continent food chain it's you're duty to use infections to create zombies and destroy the major towns within these regions. It's a pretty straightforward game, the only major gameplay tweak being that you get little "heroes" which you can get on certain levels. These "heroes" let you summon them on command, and they serve as zombies more powerful than the others.

(There's even a zombie for Michael Jackson!)

So here is the breakdown:

Gameplay: 3/5
The gameplay was alright, and by alright I mean simply alright. There isn't much to do other than shoot a couple of infections and then upgrade, it's very repetitive with "heroes" (which also get repetitive after a while) being the only refreshing part of the game. It's fun, and it definitely does a good job of hooking you into wanting to get just a bit further, but perhaps not enough to want to complete the whole game. As you progress, you hit a certain point where it stops being difficult, and it's simply you going through the different cities destroying them each on your first try. Not a great difficulty curve.

Visual: 3.5/5
The gimmicky pixelated graphics are fun - though not unique - and do add to the game. The simplicity of it serves more than probably anything else would in the game, so while it isn't amazing it does justice to the game. Like anything in the game, though, it gets a bit old after a while. The levels turn out to be the same thing over and over, with tweaks to them that seem slighter and slighter as the game goes on.

Audio: 2/5
I don't think there is much to say other than that this game, after a while, is better of muted. At the beginning the music and sounds of people dying is slightly entertaining, but as the game drones on it begins to be perhaps the most annoying element of the game. The music isn't at all unique, and while it fits the graphics I don't think it does any justice to the game. The other sounds are essentially the same way, they could have been done better, perhaps if the developer had put a little more consideration into the length of the game.

Overall: 3/5

The game is simply average, and nothing special. It's worth playing, but not the type of game that keeps you hooked from beginning to end, like it could have been. Whether you like it or not is up to you.

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