Thursday, March 4, 2010

^_^ (Sushi Cat Review)

I'll be completely honest with you here for a minute: I'm not the nicest guy in the world. At least when it comes to rating games. Hokage's been telling me to write for the site more, and to get geared into that "Writer mind-set", I've been reading some of my past reviews. I think "Brutally Honest" would be an understatement most of the time, so I want to change that. Forget turning a new leaf; I'm turning the whole tree. I'm going to be one hundred percent nice with this review. No foolin'. Sushi Cat (Gratuitously bestowed upon Kongregate from Armor Games) is without a doubt the cutest flash game I've played since... uh... Dark Cut...Yeah, that sounds about right. Sushi Cat a creative blend of casual gameplay, strategy and old-fashioned fun that can only be topped by my morning cup of coffee.

Gameplay: 4.5/5 The whole time I was playing Sushi Cat, I kept thinking of that one woman on "The Price Is Right" who was so excited to play Plinko that she nearly fainted in front of the cheering studio audience, grasping to Bob Barker's suit in an attempt to stay conscious long enough to actually get those chip thingies. So, what's the only thing better than classic day time television game shows? That's right. Kittens. Gaze in amazement as your kitten gobbles down raw fish bouncing to the crates below. The gameplay in Sushi Cat is that time-tested luck/skill mix that will have you on the edge of your seat, waving your hands and praying to the feline gods that this cat will fall into the 200 point crate on the bottom. I can't award a 5 here, sadly, because I feel like there could have been more done with the power-ups. The Dragon Cannons in stage 3 encourage the player to pay close attention to their skill shots, and anything that gives a little bit more interaction in cat movement is a good thing. With more ways to affect the outcome of a launch (A power-up that would make your cat float upwards would be neat. A balloon would be a great icon for it; Cats love to chew on those things), and some other minor tweaks, Sushi Cat would be arcade perfection.

Audio: 4/5 The music in this game is really something else. If you have it muted, take it off for at least a little bit. Since you are usually stuck watching your cat rebound off the same wall, you might as well have some good tunes playing. And Sushi Cat delivers. If I read the credits right, Run To Japan did the music for this game. Kudos to them. The sound effects aren't bad either, though I doubt they got a condenser mic and boom to catch the real sound of a cat gnawing on an onigiri. Authenticity is a good thing, people!

Visual: 4/5 This is where I'm torn. One on hand, a lush and scenic background would clutter the board, confusing the player into thinking that there are rebound platforms where there really aren't. However, I think more could have easily been done to make the game aesthetically pleasing. For starters, when we get to the third zone, we find our fat feline hero at a carnival. Why not add in pinball bumpers and bright lights, while having a black or dim background with stuffed animals hanging from a string? Maybe this is just me, but the stages didn't always seem to fit with what was going on in the storyline (Which was incredibly sweet, by the way). If this game gets a sequel, this would be a great thing to keep in mind.

Overall: 4.5/5 Sushi Cat is one of those few arcade gems that I think everyone should give a try. It has lots of appeal, be it cute, funny, or just outright fun. With no time limits or pressure (Other than a hungry stomach), this game is great for the casual flash gamer. There were a few moments where my cat would get so massive, it would get stuck in the stage. I had time to get up and use the bathroom once during one of the later levels while my cat was still running. I think the only thing keeping this from serious acclaim is the inability to affect a drop once it's started. I'll keep hoping this game gets a sequel, because it'd be so easy to make. And a level editor wouldn't be a bad idea either. Impress your friends with your cat bouncing skills on your own custom stage. As a final note here, I think adding in a list of bonuses would give the player a little extra goal to shoot for. Did you know? You can get serious points if you get a cat in each box in one level.

So there you have it. A "nice guy" review from a brutally honest dude. I feel refreshed and renewed! Like I'm some kind of...Sweetheart. Anyone for sushi tonight? ^^

This is DoctorAutopsy signing off, saying: Please think of the pet population. Spay and neuter your pets. They'll thank you for it.

Current Kong Score: 3.94

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