Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creeper World Training Sim [Game Review]

Creeper World Training Sim, quickly tosses you into an apocalyptic world, many centuries into the future, when mankind has evolved throughout thousands of worlds, only to have an unknown enemy, crumble them into ruins, called the Creeper, this flood of enemies is relentless, hopping towards one planet to the next, like a massive disease and will stop at nothing to end civilization as we know it... Yet, there is some hope left, Odin City has the power to operate large machinery and power weapons effective against the flood. Despite these powerful forces Odin City has, the flood will eventually over power the planet and you are forced to take cover in a world yet not inhabited by the flood, nevertheless, the flood will only appear again, every day hoping for a safe haven, only to have your worst enemy appear every day, spirits are being crushed, how long can you hold out?

In my opinion I thought this was an extremely addictive game! I couldn't believe how many hours past by while I was playing this game. Many people agree that this a very difficult game, for a while I believed them as I was dragged around for the first couple of levels, really wishing that I didn't have to play the game any more, but then the game plunges you into an action packed, tactical scene, making it one of my favorite game of all-time. A few issues I could address right in the beginning of the game, that the most difficult part of the game, might just being able to get through a few of the less interesting levels in the beginning of Creeper World. Creeper World a really action packed, frantic, strategic based game, creating a whirlwind of fun!

The "Creeper" are only what I can think of to call a goo. The only way they can harm you is by physical contact, in each level you start on a mountain, since the Creeper would need to build up enough height to get to you. Think of them as a flood, they work exactly like that, building enough pressure to destroy walls, etcetera. The only enemies besides the Creeper is swarms of "Spore" enemies witch appear every three minutes on specific levels. These Spore creatures travel by air, and are only destructible by the placement SAM [Surface to Air] turrets. Spore explode on impact when they reach the ground spewing Creeper in all directions in a short radius.

Creeper World is a pretty strategic based game. For example, you must focus on building up your empire with Collectors, these Collectors will create energy off unused land. Each Collector works best, when other Collectors are not near it, since they work with the unused land, best spread out, signified by the green area surrounding the Collector. Collectors will boost the amount, of what I like to call, pellets. Pellets help produce and construct weapons, towers, and also other supplies, these Pellets will be signified by their grey color. Pellets will also fuel weapons to support your military. Each weapon works differently, Blasters, your quickest firing and primary artillery of your military. Blasters can fire in any direction, though they cannot fire into the air, causing them to work best in situations where they are placed against thinner, and same leveled, or lower Creeper than themselves. Mortars are pretty heavy artillery, destroying every level of Creeper in their way. This means that they work best against large pools of the enemy, the only downside of this devastating monster, is that is takes a great amount of time to build and to power up.
At first, Creeper World's graphics, made me want to close the browser immediately, I wont lie, but I knew it was supposed to be a great game so, I played a bit and ended up loving everything about the game, graphics...everything. Every great game has great music, that does not change in Creeper World, with a sort of mystery/adventure tune, it's the perfect thing to have playing in the background of a post-apocalyptic war scene. If I was to compare this music to anything, it would definitely be compared to Fable One and Two.

Creeper World had no obvious difficulty ramp, it stayed pretty anonymous throughout the game, besides the fact that each level progressively lengthened and required more time to complete than some of the previous levels may of. There's also the terrain factor, for example, the last level in Creeper World is practically a bowl, where Odin City starts, thus the Creeper can easily slush right in and terminate the city.
Creeper World has a strange re-playability factor to it. Even though it does not contain any in-game trophies, achievements, unlock-ables, for me its just the thrill of beating that last level over and over again, the only motivator for non-addicts like me I guess would be setting a high-score on the leadership boards.
In my opinion, Creeper World is one of the best games on the web, there's not a lot I can say bad about this game. The overall game is a masterpiece fused with Fable like music. Graphics were decent, I could say, though they could be worked on a bit, that's practically the only con for you guys along with the fact there there are only, what, five actual levels. Well, that sums it up, be sure to check out Creeper World Training Sim!