Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Quest for Idle (review)

A Quest for Idle is an idle game. Idle games are games that are played while doing other stuff (checking e-mail, being on forums, etc.), and the purpose of these games is that you get more items, experience, points or something similar the more time you have been "playing" it. AQfI (A Quest for Idle) is a different idle game, you're a knight and you must defeat opponents (other knights and animals) to get more experience. The more experience you get, the higher level you are. You can buy swords, potions, powders and even new haircuts which make this game more fun to play. There are also 5 in-game badges and high-scores which make you want to play it more time than any other game for a while.

Now I'll start with the review of MainFrame_Games' Game.

Gameplay: The whole point of idle games is to not play it, but do other stuff while having the tab with the idle game on. But if you play it, it's quite enjoyable as you can buy stuff depending on how much money you have won. But if you watch how your knight fights, it's like watching a nice animation video from a video sharing site; the animation of the knight fighting is not bad, as there isn't any blood or cuts. The fight between you and the opponent is a very well elaborated turn-based battle. 0.8 (out of 1).

Graphics: The graphics have been very well done by the developer. He made it in a cartoony way and has not drawn much, yet it's nice. Just with hair, shield, sword, eye and armor he has made them simple yet awesome. The knight's armor, sword and eyes have been very well created and seem kind of real. Also, the potions, powders, font's text and everything else are good. Very appealing graphics. 0.9.

Difficulty: It's not difficult, if these sort of games were, no-one would play them. All you must do is check it once in a while, save progress and if you can, buy new items (especially sword). But it will be difficult if you waste your money on useless stuff, obviously, so try to save up for swords. 0.8.

Sounds: I have to say that this game doesn't have any music or sounds at all... It would be nice if it had peaceful forrest music when you're knight's walking (this game is based in a forrest) and war music when they battle. I would also like it more if it had sound effects when you hit your opponent, but it doesn't, so I have to downrate this section. But, you must also think in the idle way, you're listening to music online or something, but that won't make it much better. 0.1.

Replayability: Its replayability is very high, as players really like to achieve high-scores and the in-game badges too. Once you play it once, it's almost guaranteed that you'll play it yet again and again. It can be repetitive at some points, and you may think at sometime that the prices of sowrds are very overrated, but you just get on with it. But sadly there is one day that you just forget about the game for a long while and you don't play it again... 0.8.

Total rating for this game...: AQfI in general is a very very good game. You'll really enjoy it for a while. If you have ever played Idlekips you'll like this one much more. I'm enjoying this game a lot at the moment and I hope you like it too! My rating: 3.4 out of 5. (average rating of Kongregate as of 27.09.09: 3.26 out of 5)


Chad90 said...

Hey, nice review! Definitely worth trying.

Eric said...

Nice review! I personally think that IdleKips is better but that's just me. This game will be on the second best idle game on my list.

darksoulknight said...

No way, IdleKips sucks. QfI is really good, and so is Anti-Idle: The Game, Idle Dancing and A Knight's Story 2 :D

Tukkun said...

IdleKips used to be good. The new Kong API ruined it.