Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enter Traud: Interview with Gevock

Madame, monsieur, bonswa. My name is Traud. This will be my debut on the KCG. I am proud to be a contributing writer to this esteemed establishment. For my debut, I chose to interview Kongregate's own Gevock! I hope you enjoy this Q&A session as much as Gevock and I enjoyed collaborating on it!

Q: To start off, is there anything you’d like to tell us about your online or offline self? Introduce yourself!

Well I'm Gevock. I shoot guns, make flash games that I would never post on here, fly planes on occasion, and I am absorbed by all things chemistry and biology. On Kong I'm just your average stalker, egotist, bigot, etc. I tend to keep to about 4-5 rooms. Oh, and I own manic....MANIC FOR LIFE!!!

What’s your favorite flash game? Why?

I really love too many games to count, but if I had to narrow it down, I'd say anything done by the author Krinn. His flash making skills are godly.

What is a really underrated game here on Kongregate that you would like to share with us?

The Great War of Prefectures ( I fell in love with this game and got addicted straight away. Most people have never heard of it though.

What kind of games, if any, do you play on consoles or handhelds, or even flash, outside of Kongregate?

I've always had a knack for First Person Shooter games and Strategy games. I'll play anything competitive though.

What do you find in a good game?

That spark of originality that only a few people really have. Things like that make a game amazingly awesome

There seems to be a bit of controversy on UPGRADE COMPLETE! It’s near the very top, but some argue that it deserves far less attention because of its focus on, well, upgrading and not as much on actual gameplay. What are your views?

Honestly, go cry in a hole whoever thinks it's not good. Games are meant to be entertaining and fun, not to fit to your criteria of what a game is or isn't.

Which hard badge did you first acquire? Do you remember the particular situation at the time?

Alive Monsters Badge from the game Sonny. I think I got it cause the glitch, but I didn't know any better I WAS JUST A WEE NEWB!

What would you say about the community here at Kongregate?

It's pretty much a solid blend of raving horny preteens who have pics of themselves posing the "myspace" pose or shirtless when they really shouldn't be (flab for the lose), idiots who come on and relieve their frustrations by being...well idiots when they could be having a better time getting to know people, the silent ones that you never (EVER) see talk, and the great people that you may not remember in 20 years but they're still great friends.

Are there any neat, ongoing community activities you’d like to share?

lolwut? I mean we have the random rave party here and there, but that's about it I think. Oh, we also have our mandatory "Express you loving feelings toward sakuya" 15 minutes.

Why do you think the Kongregate administration chose you to become a member of the moderation team?

Cause I didn't think about being a mod, but rather, had fun and made friends.

What are some valuable services you provide to Kongregate?

Psh, Kong provides me with the valuable services (If you know what I mean *cough* AC *cough*)

How did you feel when you first got modded?

Conflicted, I didn't like the constant attention, but I learned to afk when people bug me.

Why did you accept being a mod?

Meh, I figured that since our only mod lived in England and had only been a mod for 2 days, I'd help during the afternoons and evenings.

Okay. So take us through a day in the life of a mod.

"HOW I BE MOD" "MAKE ME MOD NAO" "*SPAM SPAM SPAM*" Then you have your occasional sexy party. That's 'bout it actually.

I’ve noticed from numerous threads in the Kongregate section that many people aspire to become moderators in the future. Any tips?

Just realize that you are better off just having fun and make friends with the people in your room. They might not be mods, but they aren't completely powerless in helpin' you out.

What are your views on personal privacy on this site?

Your privacy? Lol, you really think you can hide your life from me? BWAHAHA I know where you live Traud. And I *will* traud on you.

What’s your favorite movie or series of movies?

Definitely the Die Hard series or the Dirty Harry Series

Do you listen to music? If so, what kind?

Who doesn't listen to music...? I love anything and everything. Give me rap, give me metal, give me classical, give me Aerosmith, hell give me some techno if you think I'll like it.

What do you think of the forums on Kongregate?

Well. I like OT for some of the randomness, but you guys get out of hand quickly. SD, you people scare me from posting. Music: Enough of "This metal is best metal!!1!1!one" threads, they're annoying. Kongregate forum: Meh, it has stuff and fun contests once in a while. Everything else, I don't go to or look at daily.

What other websites do you frequent? Are there any websites or just cool bookmarks you’d like to share with us?

I'll admit I do go to Newgrounds some, but that's just for the animations and tutorial section. As for some of my bookmarks, they may not be appropriate for the younger people reading this.

What are some offline hobbies you have?

Reading, shooting fruit, being a pirate, riding my bike when my car is low on gas, and flying planes when I can.

Are there any pressing, global issues you’d like to raise awareness about?

What is this, my AP Poli Sci class? No, I am too hedonistic to care what is going wrong around me ;)

What’s your favorite fantasy creature (vampire, werewolf, cockatrice, minotaur, etc.)? Why?

Daemonic Faeries. If I say something different, Aerys will murder me.

As a new writer, I'd highly appreciate comments and suggestions! Contact me or Gevock through Kongregate or me through email!



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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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Thank you for your interest, guba.

As administrator of KCG, I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Kongregate community- as for the fact that it's what this blog is all about.

After signing-up, you can play thousands of free flashgames, chat with other games, and earn badges to level up. It's a great site.

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Nice interview, Traud. Way better than any of mine are.

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Good job Traud. I tried to answer your questions fr srs.