Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 9 Challenge Walkthrough and 9 Secret Words REVEALED!

You apocalyptic-world lovers are in for a special treat with the latest double-challenge present by Kongregate. The first part of the challenge is called "The 9 Challenge", which earns you the nifty little ticket shown on the left. The ticket enters you in the sweepstakes- so go to the Rules and Eligibility page to make sure you're able to enter, and to check out the prizes. To complete this challenge, you just have to make it to the genator in the game "Little Wheel"- a simple point n' click adventure-puzzle game. If you would like a walkthrough for the game, ahkong.net has create a very easy to use one- it should only take you 3 minutes to complete the game.

The second part of the challenge is called "The 9 Secret Words Challenge". This challenge will earn you 54 points for finding all 5 words hidden across the profiles provided in the challenge info page. If you are are a bit stuck on finding the words, carefully examine the profiles- that's my only hint. Most users are enjoying finding out the words on their own- but if you're a sore-loser who wants the answers handed to them, here you go:

Despite is saying you need to "Right-Click"- you just click it normally.

Well, I hope I help you guys out a bit with these two challenges- They earn you a nice sum of points in the end. Happy gaming!



AbusedZebra said...

I wouldn't have said that you can complete the game by right clicking. It just encourages more cheating. Also, I figure that's why Little Wheel didn't get badges.

Anonymous said...

I prefer hints not just the answers. Like, where to find those words not only the words. Thanks

hokage4354 said...

I removed the "right-click" thing, since you're right. I also gave the hint on "carefully examining the profiles". I still left the actual words in there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I managed to find the words on my own, but I still had to look up one of them because hthe white text half-disappeared into the background.

Anonymous said...

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