Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amazing Badge Recommender.

I was browsing through the forums today when I stumbled upon a thread directing your attention to MetAward, a site that tracks various achievements on many sites. Apparently, Kongregate's acheivements are on this site, and you can check all of your badges, as well as which badges are recommended for you based on difficulty. If you type in this URL, changing the username at the end to your own, you will see all of your badge details:

Now, to make things interesting, you can even check which badges you don't have, in order of difficulty. The easiest badges will be at the beginning of the list, with the hard ones toward the end. (Change username at the end like you did above)

Amazing, right!? But that's not all- there's even a chart displaying all of your badge names, descriptions, image URL's, game URL's, point worth, and more. (Same URL changing)

Just thought that'd be an interesting thing to share with you guys- thanks for reading.

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