Monday, September 7, 2009

3 Writers Removed. Slots opening Up!

KCG had to remove 3 writers today. While the reasons are private, and should not be publicly discussed, the writers are Sabercow, Juze, and quake. They were great assets to the team, but for various reasons, they're time on the team is over. You are always welcome to send them a "You were a great KCG writer, and will be missed." whisper, or something along those lines.

For the 'good' news, there are currently 2 positions available to create guides. Scroll down to the Job Openings! section of the page for more details.

All the best,


PlatinumIce said...


JaumeBG said...

:/ Quake and Juze, okay, I understand they didn't write much, but Sabercow was like the official Tasselfoot videos guy, and put them in KCG.

AbusedZebra said...

Farewell fellow writers. :(

hokage4354 said...

@ Jaume BG-

That's exactly why we had to remove him. Sure- he posted Tasselfoot videos, but could'nt your average joe-smo who works as a plumber for a highschool do the same job?

I don't mind users posting his videos- but doing nothing but that isn't exactly the kind of writers we're looking for.