Saturday, June 6, 2009

Escape From Really Boring Island 3

Escape From Really Boring Island 3 is a fun and easy point and click game.

Your character is a stickman and you have to escape from this island by talking with dragons, fooling people and even changing your skin colour just like Michael Jackson did in order to achieve the Dragon Chaser Badge and 5 points.

For the second time I've made a walkthrough myself, and here it is:

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  • Review
    There is hardly any sound. If I remember correctly, there's only sound when you click some buttons, there isn't any background music or anything similar to such, 0.1.
    About its difficulty. There isn't much. It's quite easy to finish the game in 3 - 5 minutes, but that's enough difficulty and time for an easy badge, in my opinion, 1.
    Not much to say about the graphics, they are poorly drawn. It's a nice game, but it lacks graphics, if this game had some great graphics such as other games like Cargo Bridge, Sonny 2 or The Several Journeys of Reemus, then this game would get much higher rating, 0.6.
    The gameplay is great! I love it. It has funny parts, tragical parts and also thinking parts, which makes it good. It's fun to play and you're garanteed a laugh the first time you play, 0.9.
    This game just has the mouse as controls, which in a way is obvious for a point and click game, 0.8.
    TOTAL: My rating for EFRBI 3 is 3.4 / 5. It's a bit low. It wouldn't have been so if it had a bit of sound, it really needs some and if it had better graphics too.


    Anonymous said...

    "Take Your Canvas Bags To The Super Market," is an epic game.

    JaumeBG said...

    That's why I put it there! :P

    hokage4354 said...

    I really like the way you post guides/reviews. The only thing I dislike about them is the lack of review length. I'd prefer them if each section was 3-5 sentences long, and explained it in detail. While I do praise you for your good work- it could be better.

    JaumeBG said...

    Thanks hokage! I'll try to do my best next time.

    Can someone answer me if they think the grey-coloured text is too clear and it should be darker or should I leave it how it is?

    I'll start the Straw Hat Samurai entry now.

    JudeMaverick said...

    Gray's too light. Sure, it contrasts but don't destroy its legibility. Makes sense in art but not publishing.

    Review length doesn't have to be too long. Nobody likes to read 3 pages of review. The best ones are shorter and detailed.

    hokage4354 said...

    I made the gray a bit darker.

    Steve said...

    Looking forward to the Straw Hat Samurai walkthrough too. Any chance of one for the sequel: Straw Hat Samurai 2? Just found it linked through on Hecklerspray: