Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sponsor KCG.

Today, KCG got its first sponsorship from Golden Hat Bingo. While I will not release the specific details to the public, I will say that KCG has benefited in two great ways. First, a link leading to KCG was put on Online Bingo Lounge (It can be found on the left, in the "Useful links" section). This should help our SEO efforts as a whole- and bring much more attention here. Second, me gotz some moneyz!! 8D

Since this went so well, YOU can now sponsor KCG. The price at which the sponsorship is varies, and will be discussed privetely. I don't really have specific limits on 'what' sponsors us- whether it be a company, blog, artist- as long it (you) is/are a specific group of some sort.

Not much else to say about sponsorships. I hope to see more of it going on, though- hopefully.

All the best,
KCG Administration


Doctor_Autopsy said...

Somehow I feel that this may break me from my writing slump. >.>

ljrules95 said...

lol, we are the only non bingo links.

PlatinumIce said...

Lol, so what is the monies used for? Just given amongst the administrators, or will it be saved to purchase an actual domain for us? :o

Anonymous said...

I think that the writers help make this site popular so they should get a cut OR help deiced how the money is used(like, what Platinumice said, being used toward an actual domain.

hipcheck said...

Well right now there really isnt any money coming in other than the one sponsor. It was also given in Kreds which was not thought through all the way. In the future it will go towards a domain and then the writers for all their hard work. If people started donating even 5$ to KCG we would be on our way. If everyone pitched in we could get our own domain and start payin our writers.