Friday, June 12, 2009

Exclusive Interview with God of War

So,as a guy with all badges, how often are you on Kong on a daily average?
Well, hours…and hours. You'd cry if you knew how many.

Wow. Okay...random question: Do you like Nirvana? Sorry, it’s just listening to it now.

I ain't a fan but I don't dislike them.

How many consoles do you have?
Including the old consoles I own 7

What are they?

Xbox 360, Ps3, Wii, Ps1, Sega Genesis, Gamecube, and Dreamcast

That's a lot. It’s like every gamer’s dream. Pacman for the win?
No, Pacman is boring. Pong is where it is at.

I figured. What are your thoughts and feelings about invalid_user leaving and passing The Abyss down to you?
Well I have known invalid since she first entered the abyss so I was upset and very surprised that she was leaving. But what is done is done. I was afraid to take over the abyss at first since she was an amazing room owner but I have found it to be quite fun!

Yes, I think you'll do well. Next question: Is xXPoeXx a noob?
Hell ya.

What are your thoughts of the recent dispersion and AFKness of most of the regular Abyss mods?
See I kinda figured this would happen; people want to explore and not be confined to one room. I just did not think that lot's of them would leave at the same time

Ah. Do you like the way things are functioning in The Abyss?
Yes and no, yes lots of regs left but new one's are already appearing! The abyss has been in worse times, back when it was just Abyss. Overall I like the the way it is functioning but there is always room for improvement!

That's great. Last question: Do wuv me?
You are hawt enough that there is nobody that cannot possibly wuv you.

Thank you and good night

God_of_War everyone! Give him a hand!

Writer’s Note: This interview was done on MSN. I am used to doing interviews by email, but I think this one turned out well. Also, I like getting compliments.
And I quote:
“ Gow says: IT’S THE ZACH! UR hAWT.”

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