Friday, June 5, 2009

ButtonHunt 3

ButtonHunt 3 is a relatively old game, it was published back in July '08 and has had its medium badge for a long time. This game's another Point and click game.

Your goal is to click the red button by finding it, moving things and even programming TVs to get the Spherical McCarthyism Badge and its 15 points!

This is the first video walkthrough I've ever done! :P I'm happy. Music by XenonMB.

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  • Review
    The sound's good. I like the music, I really do, it's peaceful and relaxing. The sound in-game is good too, very well created, 0.9.
    There isn't much difficulty in this game. There aren't any hard parts. Maybe you'll have to think a bit in some stage or in some boss level, but that's all. Though it's quite difficult to achieve all the secrets... 0.9.
    I've seen better graphics than these. The main menu is well done, but I don't think it was a nice idea to put such graphics as in level 1, for example. There's a lot of difference between some level's graphics and others', 0.7.
    Gameplay is fun. I'm sure nearly everyone of this game's 615,000 players enjoyed playing it. It might be challenging, hard in some level, but if you have nothing else to do this is a nice way to have some fun, 0.9.
    The controls are good, as you just need to use your mouse. But I think this game would be fun with some action scenes that would require you to use the keyboard, but it wasn't made like that, so 0.7.
    TOTAL: My rating for ButtonHunt 3 is 4.1 / 5. I certainly like this game, and it was a good choice in which I created my first walkthrough, :).

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