Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates: New Features, Reaching Milestones



- A new feature (Which wasn't an initial option in the poll) has been added. This would be the Comments Section- a nice place for you all to share your thoughts and opinions about KCG. Article requests will be accepted here. Like anywhere else on the site, negative or obscene feedback is unacceptable.

- Hokage's Picks section has been changed for the ease of updating it. Now it names the developer along with the name of the game rather than the game with a short (useless) description.

- KCG's Links section removed since most of the links that were listed were no longer valid.

- Sponsorships section added- as mentioned in previous post. We're still looking for people to sponsor us, or at least advertise on KCG.

- Thank you all for following us and reading our articles- because you guys helped us reach the following milestones:
►100 Guides on KCG (Achieved on June 6th)
►Considered a poppular site to sponsor/Got sponsored! (Achieved on June 17th)
►100,000 hits since February 2009 (Achieved on June 22nd)

I apologize for not adding the "Game of the Day" section yet. I've been incredibly busy, and will be going on vacation for a week on Wednesday. If I'm going to add the section, I want it to serve its purpose- not be a barely updated useless section.


JaumeBG said...

"negative or obscene feedback is unacceptable."
I think obscene feedback, of course is unacceptable, but negative feedback should be acceptable, such as someone saying "I think (person's name) guides are a bit useless... Try better next time or edit this entry (link to entry).".

hokage4354 said...

By "negative", I mean negative in attitude. Of course suggestive comments, or comments of displeasure are acceptable. When I say "negative", I mean something along the lines of
"This site sucks, there's nothing good here. F*ck you all."