Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Interview With awalters

By request, I have done an interview with awalters. Enjoy!

What is the origin of your username?:
I know how I went about creating it, but I can’t recall why I decided to use it. Years ago I could never come up with usernames when I needed them to sign up for sites. So basically I just started throwing random letters together to see what I could come up with. For some reason I picked the one I did and have used it on just about every site I have joined since then.

What is your favorite chatroom?:
Feed the Ducks

Do you have a favorite game on Kongregate?:
In my case it depends on the mood I’m in and what genre I want to play that day. Remnants of Skystone is my most played game right now, but I can’t really pick an overall favorite in general.

Who is your favorite mod/admin?:
Ducklette has to get my vote for the countless times that she has helped me when I needed a second opinion or a situation cleared up.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not on Kong?:
There is a time that I’m not on Kong? Normally playing other games, reading, or doing homework.

Bruce Lee vs. Bruce Willis. Who wins?:
I must admit that I have seen very few movies with either one in them, andto be more fair it isn’t fair for Mr. Willis whom I can’t recall ever seeing a movie with him in it. That being the case I have to go with Bruce Lee even though it isn’t a fair contest.

Who is your favorite normal user?:
I try not to pick favorites, well more I’m not supposed to. Obviously I fail to do that all the time, but I don’t think I should answer the question since I know they would take advantage of it and start to think I wouldn’t touch them if they acted up (obviously not the case).

PC or Mac?:
PC although that might just be due to my lack of experience with Macs.

What do you think the funniest named badge is?:
I normally find badge names more cleaver than truly funny, but I did actually laugh at both “Gotta Kill ’Em All!” and “Being the Very Best.” As many people on kong know I am a Pokemon fan so references to it are always welcome.

Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemima?:
Aunt Jemima…Mrs. Butterworth just seems a bit too eager to tell people how tasty she is, which is far freakier than most of the stuff Jemima does

Do you have a favorite sport?:
I am not that big on sports sadly, I know how many sports are played, but to watch them is something I have never really been enticed to do, that being the case I really don’t have a favorite sport.

Finally, the most important question of all, what came first; the chicken or the egg?:
When you say egg I assume you mean a chicken egg. In such a case there are several different schools of thought. In the first the egg can not exist without the chicken having existed first, this is a fairly strong theory however it rests on there being a chicken that did not require an egg to come into existence.

Yet another group argues that the egg evolved from something else and thus the egg comes first as the result of a different species. This is slightly more plausible and the one I tend to go with.

A third theory would be that since the egg cannot exist without the chicken and that the chicken cannot exist without the egg and as such the chicken can not exist, however then you are getting into a more philosophical area which isn’t the point of the question.

So I would argue the egg is more likely to have came first.


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I enjoy reading your interviews :)

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