Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An interview with Ducklette!

Ducklette, also known as Ducky, is a loved... Uh, duck. She quacks around while she does some admin stuff. Our interviewer, Juze, had a conversation with her. It included alot of noise that ducks make, of course.

: Tell me a little about yourself.
Ducklette: Well, I grew up in the Northeast U.S., and went to school for classical music performance. I play the French horn and still play a lot - just finishing up a run of "Jerry Springer the Opera"!
Juze: Okay, you joined on August 20, 2007. What was your first feeling on Kongregate?
Ducklette: What got me hooked were the achievements. I'm very OCD, especially when I game, so when I found out that there were awesomely-titled and -graphicked little squares of goodness to be gotten, I had to sign up.
Juze: How did the first day feel like?
Ducklette: It's hard to remember, but I was mostly relieved that I had found a new gaming site with games I hadn't played before. I was going through a huge point'n'cick phase, and had already played most of the popular ones out there.
Juze: You came known user around in 2008. Then, you became a
moderator, and you became an owner of your own chat room, Feed the Ducks. How did this happen, and how do you feel about it?
Ducklette: Well, it took me a couple months to realize that I'd enjoy chatting. I started in the Van, and everyone was so kind and articulate that I decided I really needed to start making some friends. I think the first thing I ever said was in a discussion on censorship - important stuff! From then on, I continued my quest for badges and continued to enjoy the company of those around me. I'm not sure about the specifics on why I was chosen for modship or given a room (other than that I asked for one and the staff were making more at the time), but even now that I'm working for Kong I strive to do everything we want our mods to do in chat. Considering the goal is to make sure everyone's having fun within our guidelines, it usually works out to be a win-win situation. :)
Juze: I must blame you, because all the people from The Van room left to your room. :D
Juze: After that all, you soon became an admin. Woah. How did that happen?
Ducklette: In the late summer of 2008, damijin decided he was going to leave Kong to make his own games (play Pyro!), and there was an opening. The staff were apparently happy with how well Feed the Ducks had done as a new room, and I was really excited to have even more ways to help out the Kong community. So I became a community manager! And now I'm the official watcher-over-er of all our wonderful Kong users. :)
Juze: Woah.
Juze: Well, to the next question.
Juze: What is your job as an admin?
Ducklette: As I mentioned above, I'm a community manager. The basic idea of my job is to keep Kong a fun and happy place for all our users. How we do that has a few more specific parts. Along with AlisonClaire, we keep track of the state of the forums and chat rooms of Kong, appoint train and coach new moderators, process missing badge reports, delete inappropriate comments, process all reports filed against mods and users, respond to e-mail, and help both users and mods with the extra tricky problems they can't seem to fix.
Juze: Can you tell me a little bit about your family?
Ducklette: Just a regular nuclear family. :) Two good parents and one brother who's actually on Kong! Now for the extended family...I'll have to give out my referral link at reunions.
Juze: What's your favorite game on Kongregate? I belive it's Duck, think outside the flock, right?
Ducklette: It is pretty darn good! I'm not much for picking favorites, though, so I'm not sure I'd say it's the very best. At the moment, I'm working my way through Bunny Invasion Easter Special. I'm a little disturbed by how much I enjoy shooting bunnies, but I mostly just like the game. :) Ask me in a week and I'm sure I'll be on to something else!
Juze: I had to do this, but...
Juze: so i herd u liek mudkipz?
Juze: Which operating system are you using, and which internet browser?
Ducklette: Vista and FF3. Yeah, go ahead. All you people who don't like Vista. Laugh it up. I actually haven't had a problem with it, but I don't do a whole lot with the computer except game and work. It turns on in the morning, looks pretty, and functions the way I need it to.
Juze: I'm running out of questions. Do you like working for Kongregate? Do you get paid for that?
Ducklette: Yep and yep!
Juze: Okay. :) Well, I guess that's all.
Ducklette: Woo! Off the hook again. :D
Juze: It was nice to have an interview with you.
Ducklette: It was nice to be interviewed!
Juze: Okay, byes!
Ducklette: Ta ta!
Juze: Do a duck roll!


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Awesome interview, one of the best I've seen here. Great to learn more about Ducklette!

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